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DHL delivers considerable impact through its social responsibility

DHL delivers considerable impact through its social responsibility

 May 03, 2023

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Looking to enjoy a fulfilling career with a company making a positive impact?

DHL is a progressive company that gives back across the communities that it serves.

DHL is proud of its Global Service Centers (GSC), that launched the Spirit of GSC initiative, a unified social responsibility identity that brings together more than 4,500 colleagues with diverse backgrounds, but united in the passion and shared mission to create a better world.

Creating a lasting impact in community 

DHL Global Service Centers Social Impact

"Connecting People. Improving lives." This common purpose unites everything at DHL. This focus drives the company's commitment to sustainability and leverages the strengths of its global team to create a lasting impact in the communities it operates in. Living up to that purpose, DHL pledges to invest 1 per cent of its net profit each year to create lasting impact for the people and the communities.

Creating a better world together

DHL Sustainability

With its Go programs, DHL plans to have an additional five million trees planted by 2025 (GoGreen). It further facilitates cross-border trade for sustainable and inclusive growth (GoTrade), localizes and digitalizes its disaster management efforts (GoHelp) and expand its GoTeach program to improve the employability of young people in need.

DHL supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and believes that companies must help the world achieve them. DHL is committed to playing a leading role in driving sustainability and leveraging its core capabilities to make a lasting social impact.

DHL Social Impact

Forge a purposeful career with DHL 

DHL is committed to forging sustainability and supporting the communities it serves. 

A career with DHL can prove very fulfilling and contribute a positive impact. 



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