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Women at WTW share what they do and why they enjoy their work

Women at WTW share what they do and why they enjoy their work

 June 06, 2023

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WTW colleagues are laser-focused on the company's purpose of helping millions of people, one at a time, optimize their health and wealth opportunities. 

Importance of retirement planning

Yavini Ruanehas [pictured above] has worked for WTW for over three decades - spanning two countries (the U.S. and Canada), two states (Oregon and Illinois), and one district (District of Columbia). She has thoroughly enjoyed all the roles she has had with WTW over the years, however her current role as a Benefits Outsourcing Project Manager is by far her favorite so far.

In collaboration with WTW's pension outsourcing administration and service center teams, WTW delivers high-quality services to ensure client satisfaction. So Yavini understands the importance of retirement planning and the decisions that are involved. She is passionate about her role, and its impact on the future of WTW's clients.

"In my Project Manager role, I ensure the technology we use to support out clients in administrating their pensions plans is accurate and current," says Yavini.

Empowering WTW teams

WTW Service Center Supervisor

As a Service Center Supervisor, Komika Benjamin [pictured above] leads and empowers her team to educate callers so that they fully understand how to utilize their healthcare and pension benefits.

It is Komika's responsibility to train and prepare WTW's Customer Service Representatives to respond to participant inquiries about their health and pension benefits with the white glove service WTW is known for.

After initial training, Komika helps continue the development of the representatives to ensure they are up-to-date and can always provide accurate information.

"Many people may not recall the exact words during their call with us, but they will remember how they felt after their conversation, and I want to make sure that feeling is positive," says Komika.

Enjoying the value of teamwork

WTW Benefits Accounts Manager

Molly Montgomery [pictured above] works with many colleagues and teams to support WTW's clients. She uses her teamwork skills in her work with internal WTW teams, as well as on client consulting teams, to collectively come up with the right recommendations for WTW's clients and their participants.

"I am the youngest of seven children, so from an early age, I learned the value of teamwork," says Molly.

Collaboration is key

WTW Business Analyst

Helping others is something that Carla Scardino [pictured above] always wanted to do through her career. Based on her own experience, Carla is aware just how important access to benefits is.

She works with WTW's governance and client teams to ensure they are following standard practices and compliance protocols. Carla also helps implement new efficiencies and functionality, and helps lead WTW's early career development through college recruitment and professional training programs.

"Early on in my career, I learned the importance of ensuring that our clients' participants always have access to their benefits and pension payments," Carla says.

Providing important information and support

WTW Service Center Manager

Renee Hill [pictured above] always thought that she was going to be a teacher for her career.

Renee sees her role as a Service Center Manager as just that but in a different form, ensuring her team has the tools to support the employees calling about healthcare or retirement benefits.

Her role is an important starting point for the interactions that occur all day every day within WTW's service centers. WTW's service centers are the face of benefits to the employees and retirees calling in, they are their link to accurate information that they use to make life-altering decisions.

WTW's service center teams help employees make decisions before retirement that will affect their livelihood during those precious years. They also help determine when something isn’t working properly and communicate with the internal teams to ensure issues are resolved.

"I emphasize to my team how important their role is. They are the health benefit educators to the participants calling us. I'm a big fan of excellent customer service, and I hold my team to that expectation," explains Renee.

Enjoying a role with great purpose

WTW Service Center Supervisor

As a Service Center Supervisor, Eileen Seman [pictured above] trains and supports her team to assist employees with healthcare or retirement questions.

Eileen is largely responsible for giving Customer Service Representatives the tools and support they need to provide the best possible service. Much of her time is spent on developing and delivering training and ongoing coaching.

"I feel a deep sense of pride in my work and enjoy using my skills to help improve quality of life for others. I love knowing that I help people make the most of their hard-earned money to take care of their medical bills, provide care for their children and even prepare for their retirement," says Eileen.

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