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WTW women share what they appreciate most about colleagues

WTW women share what they appreciate most about colleagues

 July 13, 2023

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WTW is committed to accelerating gender balance and ensuring equitable opportunities for all. As such, WTW women colleagues explain they feel empowered, supported and valued working for WTW.

Considerable appreciation and support for colleagues 

When asked what they appreciate most about their colleagues, WTW Global Software Development Leader, Rachel Reinhart, says: "I never feel embarrassed for what sits behind the curtain. Whether it's my hair on top of my head, or it's my child that walks in when we're in the middle of a video conference. We laugh it off, we go on with our call, and we support each other."

Meanwhile, Technical Product Owner, Ritu Batheja, shares: "I've always felt immense support from my colleagues and managers. When there are targets to meet and goals to achieve, and you do your best to deliver what's needed it's always nice to know that the back of it all there are people who are looking out for you and there are people that care about you as a person."

In Manila, Technology Leader for Software Development, Lili Pattuinan, comments: "From the leaders that have helped me expand my network to the mentors that have been so generous with their time and their wisdom, to the colleagues that have been so willing to kick around ideas with me - I feel so fortunate that I'm around a group of people that are cheering for me, cheering for each other, and really want each other to be successful." 

Supporting women in technology

WTW women also shared their thoughts on how the company supports women working in its technology areas, with Rachel stating she has received support through thought diversity in WTW's recruitment and year-end processes, and through the creation of communities like Women in Tech that bring women together to network. "I also see WTW support women through career progression and promotion opportunities," she says. 

Lili also explains the support she has received from WTW: "I've had a fair shot at roles and opportunities and have had access to resources needed for me to be successful. We have an environment where women can bring their full selves to the workplace and have a meaningful and fulfilling career in tech."

Being a mother working for WTW, Ritu says: "When I had joined my baby daughter was only a few months old, and I was returning from my maternity break, and I remember that my managers and my colleagues fully understood my needs at that time and supported me in every way possible. They gave me enough time and space to get up to speed with things, which I think was really nice."

Creating an inclusive work environment 

Inclusion and diversity have a direct impact on WTW's ability to grow and excel. That's why the company is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is heard, respected and valued for who they are.

WTW believes that building diverse teams that leverage all of its best thinking and efforts helps the company make better decisions, be more creative, and helps improve its ability to support its clients in solving complex problems. Inclusion and diversity are key to sustaining WTW's competitive advantage - today and in the future.

Whether colleagues are working with clients or behind the scenes, WTW has many great career opportunities for talented, experienced professionals to further their careers.

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