Capgemini partners with architect-designer visionary Dinara Kasko

Capgemini partners with architect-designer visionary Dinara Kasko

 July 26, 2023

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At Capgemini, next-level ideas are on the menu with 'Custom Generative AI for Enterprise'.

Capgemini is partnering with Dinara Kasko, an exceptional creative talent, and architect-designer combining her skills with 3D Printing and AI to create a unique and mind-blowing patisserie.

Dinara Kasko is an extraordinary creative talent and architect-designer. At the intersection of GenAI and 3D printing, Dinara is building on her skills to create unique art pieces in the shape of patisserie, unleashing her creative process with the power of technology. She combines creativity, architectural vision, and innovation.

Capgemini is collaborating with Dinara with a bespoke solution to elevate her possible with Generative AI.

Unleashing new possibilities

Capgemini helps elevate and focus on excellence to unleash new possibilities. This is what Capgemini's Custom Generative AI for Enterprise is all about: "Building on the unique skills and knowledge that make you, you. And it’s because we are tailoring from your data, business knowledge and context that results will create maximum impact and benefit your organization," explains Capgemini.

From architect to baker 

Born in the Ukraine, Dinara studied to be an architect at the University of Architecture and Design, however she chose to retire from her career as a 3D visualizer and take up baking, her true passion.

Determined to bring something fresh to the industry, she began creating cake molds. First, she uses a graphic algorithm software before 3D printing the shapes, and finally making the silicone molds. Then, with the help of flour, butter, and eggs, the real magic happens. Sharp angles, clean lines and geometric shapes define these masterpieces, although some also feature spherical volumes and more organic designs. Kasko takes inspiration from both architecture and art, using her eye for volume and form to make the distinctive molds. 

Dinara's main method baking involves using a 3D printer to construct a silicon mold that could then be used to shape a cake. Her works of confectionery art employ the mathematical principles of the Voronoi diagram and biomimicry. The cakes have been compared to the art of several artists, and Dinara has collaborated with pastry magazine Sogood on a series of cake designs.

Dinara's main bakery in Kyiv was bombed during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Dinara, a native of Kharkiv, fled the country to the United Kingdom in the early months of the conflict. Her bakery and silicone mold business continue to operate from the UK and Poland.

Dinara is "the Architect of Desserts." Her luscious cakes are a feast for the eyes. Whether origami shaped or bubbles covered in fluff, all her glistening creations have a robotic appeal.

Millions of people worldwide have watched the making of her iconic delectables, including her dual-layer cherry cake. She conducts masterclasses from her studio in where she explains recipes, demonstrates every step and invites other pastry chefs to teach. Students flock from around the world.

"Creating a cake is similar to building a building. It’s necessary to work with the form, volume, composition, proportion, color, and texture. The right combination of all these factors will let us create a well-balanced cake and a well-balanced building," says Dinara.

Read a great interview with Dinara here.

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