EIB Group knows that women are powerful agents of change

EIB Group knows that women are powerful agents of change

 July 26, 2023

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While girls and women are powerful agents of change, we are far from achieving gender equality.

Via an EIB sponsored article, youth advocate Neha Karki and businessperson Chika Russell reflect on actions needed for progress in gender equality.

Girls and women are powerful agents of change

"Gender equality has been fought for, for decades. However, despite our many admirable wins, progress seems to be stagnating," say Neha and Chika. 

"Girls and women are powerful agents of change, transforming our families, communities, and societies daily. We are often at the forefront of the fight against the climate crisis, of the improvement of essential services such as health care, and of financial inclusion. In no uncertain terms, girls and women are changing the world."

The question then, is how do we progress?

Progress on gender equality 

"Progress is fought for on many fronts including economic, political, health-related, and more," share Neha and Chika.

"However, we need to understand solutions not in silos but rather as something much more than the sum of their individual parts. Progress on gender equality is about every aspect of our lives, how they intersect, and how they collectively shape our experiences."

Neha and Chika list ways to progress in: 

  • education
  • equal representation 
  • economic empowerment and independence 

Encouraging women to thrive 

Looking at the value of women's experience, Neha and Chika write: "We have come across many people who encourage women, who share their knowledge, and who invest their time and energy into supporting women. We have also come across many who, for whatever reason, create obstacles. We need to try and find strength from both types of people. We must allow ourselves to thrive, thanks to ourselves and to those that help build us up. We also need to allow ourselves to thrive despite the ones that impede our progress."

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Shattering stereotypes and changing the narratives 

The EIB Group and Plan International partnered with One World Media to celebrate under-reported stories on development issues around the world that shatter stereotypes, change the narrative, and connect people across cultures. The two organizations sponsored a competition celebrating outstanding media coverage of solutions to current challenges, by and for women and girls.

Empowering women and girls

To enhance the positive impact of its activities on gender equality and empower women and girls, the EIB Group adopted a Strategy on Gender Equality and Women’s Economic Empowerment and a Gender Action Plan, with the aim of embedding gender equality and in particular women’s economic empowerment in the EIB’s business model. The planning covers the Bank's lending, blending and advisory work within and outside the European Union.

EIB Group is also committed to driving gender equality in the workplace. EIB, as the EU bank, champions diversity and inclusion not only because of the undeniable business benefits they bring, and also because of their power to enrich the working environment for all staff.

Work for an organization championing gender equality 

The EIB Group is passionate about advocating for gender equality. 

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