DXC supports software skills development for women in India

DXC supports software skills development for women in India

 August 08, 2023

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DXC Technology is a community-focused employer that gives back for the greater good.

As such, DXC India has partnered with NavGurukul, a non-profit organization providing software programing jobs for young women from rural and tribal India, to prepare young girls for the workforce by providing them with valuable programming skills, English/Math classes, soft skills, and hackathons.

"Together, we made a positive impact and nurtured confidence and growth," says DXC.

Awarded a certificate in Software Programming

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Navgurukul envisions a world where everyone has access to an affordable, world class education that enables them to live up to their highest potential

The organization runs one-year residential course for students from underserved and diverse communities. Students are awarded a Certificate in Software Programming. The MOU certificate is issued by the Government of India's Directorate General of Training.

In order to follow through on its commitments, achieve its mission, and realize its vision, Navgurukul has a set of values that are made easy to remember through its acronym VELOCITY.

  • V - Velocity
  • E - Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • L - Love for customers
  • O - Out of the box thinking
  • C - Collaboration
  • I - Impact
  • T - Trust
  • Y - You

Supporting the development of technology skills in underprivileged youth

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The programs are for:

  • youth from underprivileged or low income communities who can’t afford expensive college education
  • students with college degrees who haven’t been able to get a good job because of lack of social or economic means
  • many current students are ones whose parents have humble backgrounds and working as a househelp, auto-drivers etc

The skills taught are: 

  • front end development : Web and mobile development in Javascript, React.js and Android
  • back end development : Python, Node.js, Javascript
  • hands-on projects : Clone projects for products such as Whatsapp and Facebook
  • soft skills : English speaking, team work, emotional intelligence and leadership skills

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DXC is a community focused tech employer 

Forge a career at DXC Technology, working for a company that truly values giving back to those in need. 


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