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DHL showcases its diversity as part of its Generations Day

DHL showcases its diversity as part of its Generations Day

 August 16, 2023

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DHL is an employer that is dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace, reinforcing its commitment to diversity and inclusion through its Generations Day. 

Thriving on diversity and inclusion 

DHL Generations Day

Generations Day at DHL honors the wide span of ages and generations at the company, from experienced hands to emerging talent. 

"As a company that thrives on diversity and inclusion, we are thrilled to announce our special series dedicated to embracing the wealth of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives each generation brings to the workplace," commented DHL. 

A cross-generational tradition 

As part of Generations Day, DHL spotlighted how working at the company can often become a cross-generational tradition. It highlighted the six family members who work at DHL Australia, a father/daughter team from Brazil, and a father and son team from the UK. 

DHL is an inclusive company

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