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Take a behind-the-scenes look at what Diageo women work on

Take a behind-the-scenes look at what Diageo women work on

 August 17, 2023

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Interested in a career at Diageo? Want a behind-the-scenes look at what Diageo women work on? 

Incredible work through thriving careers 

Diageo's Sofa Sessions series takes a deep dive into Life At Diageo, showcasing the incredible work and careers of its talented people.

From responsible drinking campaigns to the latest innovations, Diageo Senior Brand Manager, Manon Lien-Lambert, and Diageo Head of Culture & Entertainment Captain Morgans, Michelle Lavipour, take us through what they’ve been working on recently for Captain Morgan and Guinness

Work on sustainability 

When asked about their favorite fact about Guinness, Michelle says: "My favourite thing about Guinness is the focus of the brand on the community. I think about the Guinness Eye Hospital and all the work the brand is doing on sustainability."

Captain Morgan's is all about spice. "Captain Morgan's got this brand-new platform called Spice On, which is all about celebrating the spice of our liquid and 'spice' as individuality that people all bring to different social situations," says Michelle. 

"My 'spice' is all around my multicultural heritage," explains Manon. "My mum is French, my dad is Vietnamese. I have a lot of 'spice; in the kind of mix of cultures I have in my life."

Working on massive innovations 

Looking at their most recent work, Manon says: "I've been so lucky working on Guinness. I got to work on two massive innovations. On Guinness 0.0, I really believe in non-alcoholic. Alcohol-free is really important to give everyone a choice. I also work on Guinness Nitrosurge, which is a device that goes on top of a can and basically gives you a perfect pint at home."

Michelle, meanwhile, led the Captain Morgan Enjoy Slow campaign, which was the big global moderation campaign.

"We decided to work with multi-awarding winning artist Bree Runway, and she did her own slow jams cover of the 90s classic Rhythm of the Night to make the point that good things can be slowed down and just as fun," she said. "As alcohol marketers we've got a really important responsibility to make moderation the social and cultural norm."

Stellar career advice 

Recalling the best advice they've been given, Manon says: "Someone told me not to worry too much about a kind of linear profession and going upwards in my job all the time. The cross-functional moves and everything you learn along the way is what makes you the best marketer or the best in your job you can be."

"I'm a working mum now," shares Michelle. "I got an amazing piece of advice, which was to instead of focusing on work/life balance, think about making your life in its entirety work. And Diageo's flexible work policy has made a real difference in me being able to do that." 

A focus on inclusion and diversity 

And their favorite thing about working at Diageo? For Michelle, it's the iconic brands, brilliant people and focus on inclusion and diversity. "I really get to learn and grow every day," she says. 

"My favorite thing about working at Diageo has to be the people," says Manon. "I remember coming in completely fresh-faced, knowing no one at Diageo, and everyone was just so friendly. Everyone has time for everyone."

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