Capgeminis Mathilde Paulhiac analyzes Rugby World Cup data

Capgemini's Mathilde Paulhiac analyzes Rugby World Cup data

 August 22, 2023

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"With the world becoming increasingly intelligent and entire value chains being transformed, data is an essential source of understanding and insight. But it’s not enough to have the data, it needs to be reliable, and you need to know how to use it," says top employer Capgemini.

Capgemini Senior Consultant Data Scientist, Mathilde Paulhiac, has a fabulous role analyzing data to develop new statistics for use in future TV broadcasts

Through its partnerships with World Rugby and the Rugby World Cup, Capgemini sees many talented women involved in the company's exciting and innovative work.

Capgemini women are thriving in data careers

Capgemini rugby world cup data

Whether it is the development of new statistics for match analysis or video game design, Capgemini women are thriving in their work.

When Mathilde Paulhiac joined Capgemini as a Senior Consultant Data Scientist working in the public sector, she never imagined she would apply her expertise to rugby. However, Mathilde has been an ardent rugby fan since childhood, so she naturally jumped at the chance to work for the Rugby World Cup. Her role? Analyzing data to develop new statistics for use in future TV broadcasts.

“Statistics are present in football, basketball, and rugby matches,” says Mathilde. “Commentators already use statistics about the success rates of kickers and the weight of packs in scrums. We wanted to go further, by gathering and processing as much data as possible from World Rugby. 

With good data, it becomes possible to look at the likely success rate of a scrum based on the players who are in it, or even predict the result of a match.”

The objective is clear – to make the game clearer and more accessible, especially for newcomers to the sport who sometimes find the rules complex.

As technology itself advances, so does its potential for enriching the sports experience.

In Capgemini's report, A whole new ball game: Why sports tech is a game-changer, the topic of technology in sports is explored in depth, with a look towards the future.

For Mathilde, it is more than a typical data science mission to create and implement a technical solution to help achieve a goal. "With the Rugby World Cup, we need to question, invent, test, and evaluate everything," says Mathilde. "It’s a mission where everything needs to be thought of and designed."

Capgemini women have exciting and varied careers

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