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WSPs purposeful, sustainable work helps shape communities

WSP's purposeful, sustainable work helps shape communities

 August 23, 2023

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Working for a community-focused employer can be a very rewarding and inspiring career choice. 

WSP's Infrastructure Planning & Engagement team had a great day with the team at UK's Scot Rail, volunteering to revive its planters at Perth train station.

"It's amazing how a few hours can make a real difference to the station's appearance!" shared WSP

Creating a greener future 

WSP Scot Rail

The safety and wellbeing of its customers and colleagues is at the forefront of all Scot Rail does, and it's an advocate for making a positive difference in the world, particularly around sustainability. Scot Rail invests in people and plans to create a greener future.

Taking sustainability seriously

Did you know one train can remove up to 500 cars from the roads? Scot Rail's sustainability plan shows that by taking the train, people help it deliver its net-zero target and promote greener, cleaner choices. Scot Rail is always assessing its impact on the environment, and that of its suppliers, as it consistently strives for a more sustainable rail service.

Pushing for equality

Scot Rail tackles inequality and strives to provide a service that is affordable, accessible, and easy to use. The railway is for everyone, and it Scot Rail is committed to creating a culture that embraces diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Delivering inclusive economic growth

Scot Rail helps connect communities and support businesses across Scotland. Along with its partners, Scot Rail invested heavily in the regeneration of disused railway buildings as galleries, shops and other spaces for the benefit of communities throughout Scotland.

Work for a community-focused employer like WSP 

WSP is focused on empowering people in the workplace and beyond. 

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