DXC Technologys Mahak Rathee has great support and mentors

DXC Technology's Mahak Rathee has great support and mentors

 August 24, 2023

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DXC Technology offers a thriving workplace environment, with the power of collaboration and mentorship key elements - as highlighted by DXC Technology's Advisor for People Strategy & Programs, Mahak Rathee. 

Mahak's words speak volumes about the incredible work environment that women consistently enjoy at DXC Technology

Excellent support at DXC Technology 

"I appreciate the guidance and mentorship senior leaders at DXC Technology have provided, which has helped me fuel my career route," shares Mahak. "This has been possible due to a very collaborative working environment where everyone is willing to help, share their knowledge, and support one another."

Mahak says that DXC Technology has provided her with a truly tremendous opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, which continues to drive her to perform and make a positive impact. 

Advance a career embracing change and seizing opportunities

DXC Technology is where brilliant people embrace change and seize opportunities to advance their careers and amplify customer success.

DXC Technology employees actively support each other and work as a team, both globally and locally.

Enjoy DXC Tecnology's collaborative working environment

DXC Technology harnesses the unique contributions of its people, giving the company its competitive edge. 

Join one of the world's most innovative technology companies via an exciting role in technology.


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