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DHL Sameday Managing Director Patricia Cole oversees critical work

DHL Sameday Managing Director Patricia Cole oversees critical work

 September 13, 2023

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Imagine having to ensure the safety of life-saving medicines and vaccines. What a responsibility!

Medicines, vaccines, and many other life sciences and healthcare items often require temperature-controlled shipment and storage - and cold chain logistics play a vital role.

Global Head DHL Same Day & DHL Global Forwarding, Patricia Cole, was interviewed about one of DHL's solutions that revolutionizes cold shipments at -70C, and to discuss DHL's innovation with Temperature Management Solutions.

"At DHL, we realize that lives can be improved and, in some cases, saved by the timely and secure delivery of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, cell and gene therapies, clinical trial materials, and other non-finished products. Shipments like these may require strict end-to-end temperature control at -70 degrees Celsius (-158°F) to retain content integrity and quality," explains Patricia.

Working with the latest proven, smart solutions

For DHL's life sciences and healthcare customers, DHL always seeks out the latest proven, smart solutions.

"Customers need to know that their potentially life-saving products are safely in transit, reaching all milestones as planned, and due to arrive on time," attests Patricia.

"It’s essential to keep contents at the right temperature throughout the journey. That means maintaining –70°C even when the ambient temperature is exceptionally high and if there are any unexpected shipment delays or perhaps a hold-up during customs clearance," explains Patricia. "Traditional dry ice solutions are viable only for a limited time period, at which point re-icing can be done. But this can be problematic in certain geographies due to lack of infrastructure and dry ice supply, and it introduces a risk of human error," she says. 

Diverse teams creating solutions and delivering excellence

"Our diverse team works together to create solutions and deliver excellence to our clients big and small. Making a difference in people's lives and developing an environment that is team oriented," says Patricia.

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