EIBs Shiva Dustdar is celebrated as an authentic feminine leader

EIB's Shiva Dustdar is celebrated as an authentic feminine leader

 September 19, 2023

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The EIB Group employs many impressive women and its Head of the EIB Institute, Shiva Dustdar, has been honored by Women's international networking (WIN) Conference with the Women Worldwide Award, lauded for her work as an authentic feminine leader in a global role.

"We are proud to have colleagues who inspire and lead, drive innovation and change, motivate and engage people around them," congratulated the EIB Group. 

"We honor Shiva Dustdar, Head of EIB institute, with the Global Inspiring Women Worldwide Award. Shiva is a strategic thinker, an outstanding communicator with a profound understanding of the most progressive financial topics," said WIN.

Harnessing EIB's values and mission 

Shiva Dustdar brings the values and mission of the EIB Group closer to society through non-commercial activities supporting its climate, innovation and development priorities.

Shiva has over 28 years of experience in the financial industry working for large private and public institutions in New York, London and Luxembourg. Since joining the EIB Group in 2003, she has worked in risk management, lending, investing and advising in innovative companies.

Until June 2022, Shiva headed the EIB’s Innovation Finance Advisory (IFA) Division, which she built and scaled up into a successful innovation financing advisory program covering green, digital, gender-smart and health-related sectors.

Financial industry expert 

Shiva started her career in investment banking at J.P. Morgan New York in 1993. She worked in mergers and acquisitions, project finance and emerging markets before joining Fitch Rating Agency in 1999 to set up its European high yield rating business.

She holds a BA (magna cum laude) in Economics from Columbia University in New York and an Executive MBA from London Business School (LBS). Shiva is an innovation finance expert and regular speaker on innovation and impact financing, gender-smart investing, and digital and green financing. She is actively engaged in networks that promote sustainable and mission-oriented financing.

Providing thought leadership and inspiration

WIN is a leadership organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland founded in 1997 in Milan by Norwegian social entrepreneur and pioneer, Kristin Engvig. She brought a revolutionary new way to the world of business by integrating holistic perspectives, aesthetics, joy and nurturing values. WIN has provided pioneering thought leadership and is the reference for numerous individuals and organizations worldwide. It keeps opening new paths and inspiring exceptional leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and talents through its innovative and collaborative framework of change.

WIN inspires women leaders worldwide by enabling, empowering and connecting women in a global, authentic, interconnected and feminine way. 

The organization's vision is to expand the global community and global network of conscious and inspired leaders ready to bring their signature leadership to social communities, corporations, supranational institutions, political organizations and entrepreneurship.

The EIB Group employs many successful women

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