Life at Capgemini Engineering can be pretty exciting. Hear why!

 October 03, 2023

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Capgemini engineers are the unchallenged world market leaders in engineering services, with a passion for in-depth industry knowledge, cutting-edge digital technologies, and innovative software.

Capgemini Engineering works not just in over 50 countries but across them, delivering multinational projects and state-of-the-art digital solutions. With teamwork and enthusiasm, Capgemini employees in engineering develop the innovative solutions for customers.

Learn more about life with Capgemini Engineering and see what the people who are fulfilling their potential have to say about their career with Capgemini.

Importance of working with a team

Capgemini engineers are at the forefront of the most revolutionary developments. They work with world-leading companies across all industries to bring real innovations, ‘deep-tech’ projects and cutting-edge technologies to life.

The company's cutting-edge technological solutions address e-mobility, energy issues, value chains and more to push its customers to become more sustainable.

One employee joined Capgemini in 2016 and chose to work within Capgemini Engineering because they could become a team member of the solutions center department, and this would provide them with a great opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with team members.

"I see my work as one part of my life, so I will take good use of my fragmented time to learn new things and keep my energy," comments Capgemini Advanced Account Manager, Xiaoping Shen.

An excellent work culture supporting professional development

Capgemini engineering

"Capgemini Engineering is a great place to keep learning and growing. I can extend my expertise by switching between industries, while receiving day-to-day professional support from colleagues and also through the company’s mentorship programme. My professional development is moving forward way faster than I could have hoped,” says Louise [pictured above], an Aeronautical Designer.

“I am passionate about software-driven innovations in the automotive industry. At the same time, respectful interaction is crucial for me. At Capgemini Engineering I have both! While developing software for infotainment systems, I am always supported by my mentor and international colleagues. This appreciative culture is something I wouldn't want to give up anytime soon," explains Natalia, an Engineer App Development & UX/UI.

Innovation and creativity within engineering

Capgemini's customers choose Capgemini Engineering for their most challenging projects. Employees help shape the future of mobility, revolutionize healthcare with creative solutions and innovate in 5G.

For one employee, the best thing about working with Capgemini Engineering is the people because they are friendly and energetic, and they can see Capgemini Engineering giving importance to young people by conducting more academy events

Another Capgemini employee explains that the respect, challenge and innovation within the projects is what captures them, and every opinion and ideas are encouraged, meaning that employees are pushing the workplace so that they can grow, learn and evolve within their career.

"I'm organized and plan every day I do, which makes me grow my work more practically. This is also helping me to really find the balance between family and work," explains Senior Engineer, Aeronautics, Xia Wang.

A global network with a multicultural environment

A great aspect of Capgemini Engineering is that there are employees from a wide variety of countries and cultures, including Brazil, India, France and Tunisia. The multicultural environment leads to a recognizable team spirit and the core values that are part of every day life.

"Our job as consultants creates the perfect combination to propose solution and find new pathways to bring innovation into everyday life," reflects a further Capgemini employee.

Learn and grow in a brilliant Capgemini career

Capgemini engineers help clients achieve a future that’s smart, sustainable, and successful.

Looking to embark on an exhilarating journey?

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