Capgemini technology bootcamp inspires women into tech careers

 October 09, 2023

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Capgemini's Agile Delivery Center Spain is an international technology center dedicated to application development projects, including cutting-edge technologies in the market.

Capgemini believes that diversity combined with active inclusion enables innovation and produces value that benefits everyone, and therefore strives to create a vibrant and inclusive culture where people representing society in all its diversity are empowered to build meaningful careers.

As such, Capgemini hosted the third edition of the Women Tech Bootcamp with its ADCenter Spain.

The bootcamp was first launched in 2022 and in the space of one year, it has seen three editions, and has managed to incorporate more than 60 women into international projects in the IT world.

Providing women with key career opportunities

Capgemini has launched an ambitious program focused on promoting the career development of women at all levels of its organization.

It has committed to having women make up 40 per cent of its workforce by the end of 2025, with 30 per cent female representation on its executive leadership teams. 30 per cent of vice president-level promotions and new hires are women.

Capgemini knows that many ideas come from technology, and by providing its people with opportunities to think differently, there is change for both the company and for its employees within their career paths.

Capgemini's ADCenter Spain Cockpit Leader, Emma Barceló, explains that the company continues to see many women attending the Women Tech Bootcamp with incredible communication skills. "It has impacted us because they have a lot of desire," says Emma.

Training sessions for women in IT

Capgemini's Women Tech Bootcamp provides opportunities for women to join training sessions given by professionals from the technology sector, and put into practice everything they learn to discover a profession with a future.

Capgemini knows that as a company it has a duty to society and continually hopes to help women work in the IT sector.

For Capgemini's Chief Human Resources Officer for Southern and Central Europe, Arancha Torres, she is proud of the energy, vitality, enthusiasm and strength that the women brought with them to the bootcamp. "I have stayed absolutely impressed," comments Arancha.

"Participating in this bootcamp has been an incredible opportunity," adds Capgemini Software Engineer, Women Tech Bootcamp third edition, Martina Scanzani.

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