Capgeminis Women Tech Bootcamp inspires tech careers

Capgemini's Women Tech Bootcamp inspires tech careers

 October 26, 2023

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Campgemini knows that women are key to shaping the future of the digital economy, whether in technology, business, or client-facing roles.

As such, the company designed Women Tech Bootcamp (WTB), a training program that supports women with an interest in the world of software. The Women Tech Bootcamp is hosted at the Capgemini Agile Delivery Center in Spain.

For anyone looking for a change in their career, or to turn their future around, the WTB program has ample opportunities for women interested in IT, technology and software.

An exclusive training program for women

WTB is an exclusive training program for women that lasts three months, with an indefinite contract from day one.

Women who took part in the program explain that it has changed their lives and helped them to realize their potential and to understand the true meaning of teamwork.

WTB provides many opportunities to work with the latest technologies in a real project, and at the end, women are ready to plunge into the IT world.

"I have proved to myself that I could achieve things that maybe at first I thought I could not," said Capgemini Software Developer, Marta Vera.

"The feeling of being able to do it, and to see myself empowered has pleased me a lot," explained Capgemini Software Developer, Patricia Ramos.

Global element to the Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is aimed for women with an interest in the world of technology, who are eager to learn, and who want to turn their professional career around.

"During the Bootcamp, whatever concerns I had, there was always someone ready to listen to me, reassure me, and encourage me. And now also, if I have any ideas or proposals, I feel free to express them because I know that someone will listen to me, and above all that they will be taken into account," said Capgemini Business Analyst, Martina Scanzani.

Incorporating women into the IT world

The Bootcamp has so far incorporated more than 60 women into the IT world, with almost 40 per cent coming from non-technology sectors. Thanks to this initiative, Capgemini has increased parity in its teams by five per cent. After the Bootcamp, Capgemini employees work on a wide range of projects, for clients all over Europe.

"I am currently working on a French project in the public sector," comments Capgemini Software Developer, Rachida Ragmi.

"I am a Business Analyst in an internal ADCenter project to promote sustainability," added Martina.

Women Tech Bootcamp enables personal growth

Women attest to the bootcamp providing an incredible and outstanding experience with many opportunities for personal growth, and reiterating that they felt they now had a place in the IT sector.

"It has not been easy, but it was worth it because I'm here. I am doing a job I like, in a company I like," concluded Martina.

Get the future you want with Capgemini

Capgemini is committed to accelerating gender equality in the tech sector and to increasing the percentage of women in its teams, and at leadership level.

Learn and grow in a rewarding career with prime employer for women, Capgemini.


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