What does a Capgemini Sustainability Consultant do?

 October 26, 2023

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As a responsible business, Capgemini is determined to play a leadership role in ensuring technology creates a sustainable future. The company takes strategic action to address climate change, one of the biggest societal challenges that humans have faced in generations.

In her role, Capgemini Sustainability Consultant, Clotilde, works to address some of the many challenges facing the planet. Her work at Capgemini has included everything from helping clients understand their impact to contributing to decarbonization research to driving awareness internally within Capgemini.

Clotilde explains that she is personally convinced that the sustainability transition is probably the biggest challenge that humanity will have to face.

Since joining Capgemini, Clotilde has worked on a broad variety of sustainability topics ranging from the management of a consortium with over 50 leading cosmetics brands to raising awareness of sustainability issues within Capgemini. 

"Capgemini has allowed me to work on these topics that were very important to me," shares Clotilde.

"I would say I'm proud to work at Capgemini which is a big company, and whose role is to help our clients I understand where they are at, identify the levers that they have at their disposal to reduce their impact," explains Clotilde.

Addressing environmental challenges

Capgemini drives internal change across every aspect of its operations, while helping clients address their own environmental challenges. The company also teams up with its partners and suppliers, start-ups, policy-makers, governments and academics, to make sustainable progress together.

As part of Capgemini's Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy, the company set global Group objectives to be carbon-neutral for its own operations by 2025 and across its supply chain by 2030, and is committed to becoming a Net Zero business by 2040.

Looking to join a sustainability focused employer?

Capgemini is committed to driving environmental sustainability, and accompanying its clients on their own journey to act on climate change and be more sustainable.

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