Graduate energy thrives at Schneider Electric

Graduate energy thrives at Schneider Electric

 September 20, 2017

Graduating soon and considering your next step?

With so many options and a variety of industries to choose from, it can be a difficult decision and commitment to make. Graduates who join the Schneider Electric Graduate Programme find no doors are closed. You’re eyes are opened to a whole new world of opportunities and you receive brilliant guidance and support every step of the way.

Where Women Work shines the spotlight on three women who are currently on the graduate programme at Schneider Electric to hear why they chose this global energy management company and how their experience is shaping future career goals.

The start of an exciting career

Following her MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Bradford, Emily Pilgrim continued to complete a placement in Cambridge UK, working for Arm. Confident in her decision to secure a role in the energy industry, Emily jumped at the chance to apply for a graduate role at Schneider Electric. “I researched the products and the company’s core values and it appealed to me even more, especially the fact that Schneider seemed so focused on its customers and adapting solutions to solve their problems,” explains Emily.

A further graduate, Jo Miller studied a wide range of topics during her degree studies in Mechanical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. From energy studies to electrical engineering to material mechanics, Jo experienced opportunities to develop further skills such as project management. It was exactly this sort of variety that she sought when researching possible graduate programmes and this ultimately lead her to Schneider Electric.

“The graduate scheme sounded ideal for me as I was aiming to gain commercial experience, and the rotational placements would allow me to work in a broad range of different environments. After attending the assessment day, I felt that I had made the right choice. Everyone was welcoming and had great things to say about the company, it felt like a great fit,” comments Jo.

Louisa Buckley, a further graduate at Schneider Electric, completed a one year placement with a power management company. She graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in BSc Business Management and knew she wanted to pursue a career in the energy sector so she applied for the graduate scheme at Schneider Electric. “Schneider Electric’s graduate scheme stood out because the rotational aspect enables me to try different roles and find one that suits me. At this stage, I’m still somewhat unsure about exactly what I want to do but, being a global company, Schneider Electric offers me vast opportunities to develop and further my career direction,” suggests Louisa.

Developing key skills and pushing boundaries

Each of these three graduates were drawn to Schneider Electric with a desire to learn and a drive to succeed. They all find the graduate programme provides them with excellent growth and development opportunities.

Emily knows that she gets back what she puts in, and more. “What has surprised me is how much this program has developed my leadership and interpersonal skills. I always thought these were skills I would never possess but the scheme has pushed me to work on these aspects and never let my confidence hold me back in this way in the future. Before working at Schneider Electric, I never saw myself as a natural leader,  but now, whenever I can, I try to step up and take leadership roles. I have found it is something I both enjoy and find very rewarding,” explains Emily.

Jo has been delighted to discover that personal and career development is a key focus of the company. “I have experienced many different aspects of what is involved in working at Schneider Electric, from presenting to customers to going on site to assist with installation of new services. I’ve also had the chance to take on roles that I never would have thought I’d do, for example the sales roles that I’ve been working in. This has provided one of my main challenges of the programme, but I’m really enjoying it.”

Jo has enabled a great deal from the graduate programme including key skills such as communication, networking and time management. Johanna explains that often employees are working remotely and need to communicate effectively with other team members via a range of means and channels. “In such a big company knowing who the right contact is for different matters is a huge help,” comments Jo.

Finding your true vocation

By investing in its graduates, Schneider Electric knows that there will be greater returns for both sides in the future. The company therefore ensures all employees on its graduate programme are ready to move into a substantive role in one of the business areas by the end of the programme. With training in such a range of areas, it is no surprise that for many graduates their ideas and goals shift along the way.

Having originally seen herself in more of a back-office job, Emily is now excited about a customer facing role within Schneider Electric. “I enjoy interacting with customers and seeing Schneider Electric’s products implemented onsite. I’ve always had a passion for this industry and find talking to customers interesting because it’s a good way to stay up to date with latest technological advances.”

And Jo found that by working at Schneider Electric, she has been able to focus on both her personal and career development collectively, particularly in certain areas she may not have considered in the past.

Reaching goals and aspirations

With the breadth of support, encouragement and development opportunities offered by Schneider Electric’s Graduate Programme, the goals and aspirations for the future of these graduates are very supported.

“The development opportunities at Schneider Electric really excite me, and I cannot wait to start my career here,” explains Louisa who has aspirations to become a Vice President of a sector in Schneider Electric.

“In the future, I would like to be working on some of Schneider’s bigger projects and be a trusted expert in my field who both customers and colleagues can turn to for help and support,” suggests Emily. “I would like to find a role for myself where I can use my technical knowledge to benefit customers. This is important to me as I am very passionate about the work I do and want to contribute to Schneider Electric’s solutions as much as I can in a role that suits my key strengths.

Start building a career today with Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric encourages women to apply for its impressive Graduate programme. With many initiatives supporting the advancement of women's careers including diversity days, maternity leave policy, network activities, women leaders events, gender workshop for leaders, women in leadership program and more - Schneider Electric is a great place to be. Apply for your place on the graduate programme and launch a brilliant career.


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