DXC Technology Global Director inspires women into cybersecurity

DXC Technology Global Director inspires women into cybersecurity

 November 02, 2023

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Cybersecurity is an ever-changing field, demanding relentless adaptation and innovation.

With 24 years' experience in this domain, DXC Technology Global Director, Security, Rashmi Chandrashekar, highlights the critical need for greater female representation in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity demands adaptable thinking

"Cybersecurity is a relentless field of ever-evolving challenges where adaptation and innovation are non-negotiable," suggests Rashmi. 

"Throughout my 24-year career, I've observed a crucial need for greater female representation in cybersecurity. Diversity extends beyond merely bringing women into the cybersecurity domain; it involves viewpoints to a constantly shifting landscape that demand agile and adaptable thinking. This becomes even more vital in the present climate, where the threat landscape is constantly in flux."

Women have a high level of emotional intelligence 

Rashmi highlights that one constant myth in cybersecurity is that it's exclusively tech-focused, perpetuating the stereotype that young male programmers are the primary success stories in this field.

"In reality, cybersecurity encompasses much more than technology," she says. "It necessitates strong analytical abilities, effective communication skills, the capacity to adapt to evolving landscapes swiftly, and a high level of emotional intelligence - all of which are naturally present in women. Hence we must actively inspire more women to venture into this captivating field."

An industry leader in cybersecurity 

Rashmi is a cybersecurity leader with over two decades of impressive career experience with specialization in security technologies and experience in managing, designing, and implementing security solutions. She also has experience in security domain including: Identity and Access management, information and application security risk assessment, security strategy definition, security awareness, security compliance management, data privacy and protection, Security operations center, managed security operations, physical security convergance with IT and cloud security. Her key expertise includes Security practice and capability development, Pre-sales for Security consulting, Security Implementation and Security Operations, Program and Project management of large security projects, Subject Mater Expert in Security domain, Customer interaction and Management.

Lifelong learning is key

DXC Rashmi Chandrashekar

Rashmi has also spoken previously with India Today regarding her thoughts on the importance of young professionals finding a mentor to support their career growth and development.

Rashmi has highlighted the power of women supporting further women in the workplace: "Forming a sisterhood at work can be just as powerful as finding a mentor. By learning from more experienced female professionals and supporting each other, women in STEM careers can overcome the lack of formal mentoring and be better prepared to face challenges." 

Break barriers in cybersecurity in a role with DXC 

Inspired by Rashmi's call for more women to enter the exciting field of cybersecurity?

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