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DHLs Rayner Wilds highlights importance of employee wellbeing

DHL's Rayner Wilds highlights importance of employee wellbeing

 November 02, 2023

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Marking Mental Health Awareness Day and also the UK's annual National Stress Awareness DayDHL spoke to Key Account Coordinator and Mental Health First Aider, Rayner Wilds.

DHL mental health

"As one of our many Mental Health First-Aiders, Rayner has shared how employee wellbeing helps business and employees to thrive," said DHL. 

Staying positive at work 

When asked how she remains positive at work, Rayner said: "I talk to a trusted friend and colleague."

And looking at why mental health awareness in the workplace is so important, Rayner commented: "It boosts morale and helps business performance." 

Giving her top tip for discussing mental health in the workplace, Raynor advised to: "Do it over a brew!" as Quali-Tea time is key she says, sipping her lemon, ginger and manuka honey tea.

"Mental health is fundamental," she reinforced. 

DHL values mental health in the workplace

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