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Thampi Mapur says it feels like a supportive family in her DHL role

 January 24, 2024

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DHL Group employs impressive women who make up a valuable part of the workforce, like Thampi Mapur who works on DHL's Legal Council as a Country Compliance Officer Export Control representative & Contract Life Cycle Management Facilitator.

There are many women, for example, providing important legal support to stations in countries like Africa and the Middle East. "They know DGF’s business and the peculiarity of dealing in emerging markets. They protect the business," says DHL.

Thampi is part of DHL's legal team based in Dubai. "When it comes to legal issues, people always think that it's a deadlock, so there is something that they are not aware of, or they can't find their way through. It's commonly perceived as an obstacle legal issues, or very serious issues, but it is just to make our life simpler," says Thampi. 

"Firstly, we have to change our perception that legal is something complicated. However, it's always there to assist and to make your life simpler and make help it become future ready. When you have legal things sorted at the very beginning, you don't have to worry about the future, you have placed the bigger stone in the jar, so you can proceed with your dreams and your ambitions and your numbers. Of course, digitalization is one of the most important pillars when we call ourselves future ready, and initially I was very nervous because I think I'm the most IT and digitalization challenged-person in the whole organization. But my seniors, bosses and entire team say that it's common to think 'I'm the worst,' but then we see other people and think, actually we're not the worst, we're quite good. So, it always gives a sense of comfort. I'm trying my best, I'm getting there when it comes to digitalization, and I'm sure I will shine."

An understanding management team 

Thampi is supported in her role by what she refers to as an awesome team. "I don't have to filter anything when I'm talking to my bosses or with my team members, so it gives a heart-to-heart connection," she says. 

"I'm really fortunate and grateful that we have a really mature and understanding management team. I have a sense of belonging because I don't have to battle with my own values against what company values are. I feel very much like part of a family at DHL because I can be myself when I'm with DGF legal team."

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