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DHL Global Forwarding launches Americas Got Spark campaign

DHL Global Forwarding launches Americas Got Spark campaign

 February 09, 2024

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A company that values the unique skills and talents of its employees can provde to be very reqrding work culture to operate in.

DHL's culture, values, and the way each of its colleagues work together as a team ensures that everyone feels valued and rewarded for the contribution they bring.

DHL Global Forwarding has launched a campaign called Americas Got Spark that sees its employees share what makes them shine.

Celebrating the unique talents of DHL people

DHL Global Forwarding Employee Engagement

For DHL, Employee Engagement is crucial for its organizational success, and recognizing each individual throughout their DHL career is incredibly important.

The company truly believes that its people are its greatest asset. As such, DHL Global Forwarding's Americas region launched a new campaign with the title Americas Got Spark.

This initiative aims to elevate and celebrate the unique talents and experiences that make each one of them shine.

Sharing a personal spark

DHL Global Forwarding celebrates employee talents

Americas Got Spark encourages employees to share their personal 'spark'. It could be that special moment when they felt a deep sense of belonging to the DHL Global Forwarding family or any other aspect of their identity that represents their connection to their region, their work, or their passions. It's about embracing what makes them who they are and recognizing the value they bring to the team.

DHL believes that every individual has something extraordinary to contribute, and by sharing their sparks, they inspire others to do the same.

"With the initiative, we celebrate the unique moments that define our Americas team. Whether it's that deep sense of belonging or a passion that connects us to our work, every Spark matters!," says DHL Global Forwarding.

DHL is an inclusive and supportive employer

DHL works hard to create an environment where its people keep learning, growing, and enjoying a rewarding long-term career.

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