Capgemini's Smitha Chandran discusses digital manufacturing

 March 04, 2024

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Looking to help rewrite the future of manufacturing with Capgemini?

Meet Capgemini Engineering Senior Director, Smitha Chandran, who works in the digital manufacturing unit of Capgemini Engineering's global business line.

Smitha discusses how Capgemini's digital manufacturing unit takes full responsibility for clients' product design and development, with solutions that enhance efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness, and speed.

Leveraging advanced technologies such as Edge Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, and Industrial Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Capgemini refines manufacturing operations and provides comprehensive product engineering solutions.

Transforming traditional manufacturing

As a world leader in engineering and research and development services, Capgemini helps its clients accelerate their journey towards intelligent industry, bringing them global expertise and capabilities in digital software, agile engineering platforms, and an industrialized delivery model.

"The digital manufacturing unit at Capgemini is transforming traditional manufacturing by offering solutions that improve manufacturing efficiencies, quality, reduces cost and increases production speed," says Smitha.

Taking responsibility for client's product design and development

Capgemini incorporates the latest technology on edge analytics, Robotic Process Automation, Industry Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

"Our team also provides comprehensive services and support to manage manufacturing operations. Beyond this, we excel in end-to-end product engineering, taking full responsibility for our clients' product design and development," explains Smitha.

At the forefront of emerging technologies

At Capgemini, engineers can work at the forefront of shaping the future of the manufacturing industry.

"Our projects include an extensive array of Cutting Edge Technologies, ranging from semiconductor, electronic design, embedded systems, application development, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technologies," shares Smitha.

"Additionally, we specialize in emerging technologies such as augmented reality, video analytics, and digital twins for factories."

many career opportunities working on dynamic projects

Capgemini's expertise extends across a diverse range of industries, including medical, automotive, industrial automation, telecommunication and networking.

"With us, engineers can get the opportunity to become specialized in one field or versatile technology experts by gaining expertise in multiple domains," Smitha explains. "Capgemini also offers a plethora of opportunities both within the company and through dynamic projects. Get the future you want at Capgemini." 

Discover more about working with Capgemini, and the opportunity to work at the forefront of reshaping the future of the manufacturing industry.

Work with cutting edge technology

Joining Capgemini means becoming part of a diverse global collective of free-thinkers and industry experts who are all driven to use technology to reimagine what’s possible.

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