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DHLs commitment to fostering positive change is unwavering

DHL's commitment to fostering positive change is unwavering

 March 25, 2024

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International Women's day saw DHL honour the women shaping a brighter future with DHL 'Go' Programs. From empowering female entrepreneurs to supporting young women in employability and making a difference in disaster response, DHL's commitment to fostering positive change is unwavering.

The DHL 'GO' family of community engagement programs and initiatives support employee volunteerism, colleagues in need, refugee integration, and more. 

Connecting people and improving lives

DHL GoTrade

DHL believes that caring means taking corporate social responsibility seriously and being committed to diversity, equity, and belonging.

DHL's global team is united by a common purpose of connecting people and improving lives. To live up to that purpose, DHL goes far beyond logistics, reaching into its communities to make a lasting impact.

DHL Group is 600,000 people strong, consisting of logistics and supply chain specialists, business and HR professionals, and IT and tech experts in over 220 countries and territories. Each colleague is connected and committed, and wants to utilize their strengths to help create a better world.

Invested in community engagement programs

DHL GoHelp

DHL is committed to empowering its people to make an impact.

The company does this by securing funding, with 1 percent of its annual net profit being invested in community engagement programs. DHL matches its strengths with priority global needs and by working with leading international organizations, the company channels its resources for maximum impact.

The result is DHL's 'GO' family of community engagement programs and initiatives, including GoHelp, that delivers, helps and provides support at airports when disaster strikes. Over 160 members of DHL's disaster response team are women, and several of them embody female leadership as country leaders.

DHL knows that employability is essential for girls and young women. With its GoTeach program, DHL is aiming to improve employment opportunities for young people, especially those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. Over 3,400 young women benefited from DHL's Goeach activities in just one year.

DHL's GoGreen program aims to inspire and empower DHL's employees to participate in climate protection projects.

DHL is committed to supporting female entrepreneurs around the world, and its GoTrade aims to open doors to the global marketplace for businesses in frontier markets. Over 1,700 women in 66 countries participated in DHL's GoTrade training in just one year alone.

DHL GoTeach

Help DHL shape a brighter future in communities across the world

DHL is an empowering and rewarding place to build a career, develop new skills, and make a real impact.

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