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 March 25, 2024

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For International Women's Day (IWD), Honeywell Futureshaper Lindsay discussed her experience as a member of the company's Women’s Employee Network and explained what IWD 2024 represents to her.

Lindsay explained that as a woman and as a mother of a child on the autism spectrum, she has found a real sense of community in both the Honeywell Women's Employee Network (HWEN) and Honeywell's AllAbilities Network.

"I started at Honeywell during the pandemic when we were all remote and the employee networks were a great way for me to feel a sense of belonging here at Honeywell," said Lindsay.

"As a member of HWEN, I really enjoy pausing and reflecting on International Women's Day as a moment to reflect on how far we've come as women, but also what we need to do to ensure equity for all women across the globe."

Fostering an inclusive environment

Honeywell's culture is inclusive, built on respect, collaboration and diverse perspectives where all employees feel valued, respected and accepted.

Honeywell actively recruits, develops and retains talent from diverse backgrounds and cultures who bring different experiences, perspectives, abilities and ideas.

The company's Futureshapers are committed to solving social and environmental challenges and making impactful changes in the communities where they live and work.

Honeywell's employee networks are open to all employees, fostering collaboration and belonging, and enable everyone to share and learn from one another and fully contribute.

Honeywell creates a positive inclusive environment

Honneywell women are empowered to do their very best.

Join this prime employer for women.


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