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 April 04, 2024

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Choosing to work for Capgemini means having an opportunity to make a difference.

Capgemini Senior Software Engineer, Thilagavathy Ramasamy, believes education is the most powerful aspect one can have. Thilagavathy is the first woman from her village in India to become an engineer. She chased her dreams and fought every obstacle with sheer determination to acquire an education and become independent.

Thilagavathy's story is nothing short of inspiring.

Working hard to achieve her dreams

Thilagavathy comes from a farmer family in Tamil Nadu, India, who live in a small village with a population of 150 people. Thilagavathy explains that she has two younger brothers, and in her village it is normal for girls to get married at a young age, and are discouraged from completing their higher education.

"I had different plans. I believed in my dreams. I was working hard to achieve them," says Thilagavathy.

First woman from her village to gain an education

Thilagavathy decided that she would be the first woman in her village to get an education, but she did face obstacles during this course.

"My parents wanted me to get married to an older man. When I entered seventh standard, fearing this, I was determined to study hard and inspire my dad to change his mind," says Thilagavathy. "After completing my schooling at government higher secondary school, I faced quite a lot of financial constraints and cultural constraints."

Thilagavathy shares that her school teacher helped her get a seat at the Maatram Foundation, and through this, she graduated from M.A.M. College of Engineering and Technology.

Enhancing technical and language skills with Capgemini

Once Thilagavathy graduated she was without a job for a year, and so watched YouTube videos and improved her language skills. In turn, this led to her embarking on a role with Capgemini, where she was supported throughout her professional journey.

"That's when I found out Capgemini's is diversity and inclusion initiative through a friend. I joined immediately. I got a chance to enhance my technical and language skills," says Thilagavathy. "I proudly say this, I'm working as a Senior Software Engineer in Capgemini."

Helping women achieve education

Thilagavathy explains that she is also helping further young women from her village to understand the importance of education.

"Currently, I volunteer at Maatram Foundation. I'm helping them to identify the deserving candidates for higher education, and this is how I am giving back to the society," says Thilagavathy.

Thilagavathy's message for women across India is that life is not about how people take it, it's all about how they make it.

"It's up to us to collect all the stones which are thrown at you, and build an empire. Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to build a life we dream of," says Thilagavathy.

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