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Meet Love Balbido, a DHL Supply Chain Assistant Manager

 April 17, 2024

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Looking to embark on a rewarding career with DHL Supply Chain?

Meet Love Balbido, a DHL Supply Chain Assistant Manager in The Philippines for Quality Assurance. Love joined DHL as a graduate and has relished the wide-ranging exposure at DHL that has enabled her to grow her skills and make a wider impact in the community.

Outside of work, Love maintains her commitment to excellence through regular HIIT workouts, setting a high bar for herself in both her career and her fitness journey.

Learn more about Love's DHL career as she shares what a day in her life looks like via a Gemba Walk in one of DHL Supply Chain's warehouses.

Sense of pride when helping customers

As a Quality Assurance Assistant Manager, Love ensures DHL Supply Chain's customers’ goods are received and stored in good working condition at its warehouses, before employees process them for outbound orders.

Love shares that quality assurance is more than just compliance checks.

"I was also involved in an operations go-live for a life sciences and health care customer, within a very short timeline. I validated internal controls and also ensured our operations team were adequately equipped to deliver our customer’s products promptly in a good working condition," says Love.

"Being part of this project gave me a sense of pride as I know my work had helped the customer to deliver medical care to their patients more efficiently," she adds.

DHL offers a work-life balance for employees

Since joining DHL as a graduate, Love has had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects with wonderful team members who are passionate about working, and also playing, hard.

"One of the things I'm passionate about is maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and healthy eating. I appreciate that DHL offers me the work-life balance to explore my interests outside of work, which in turn helps me to be more productive too," she says. "Three years on, I'm still having the time of my life working at DHL."

"I'm proud to be here. Proud to be with DHL Supply Chain," attests Love.

DHL is an empowering and rewarding place to build a career

DHL knows that connecting people and improving lives means its employees are always doing meaningful work.

Looking to join them?

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