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Meet DHL Global Forwarding's Head of Legal Counsel in Turkey

 April 18, 2024

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The valiant women providing legal support to DHL Global Forwarding's stations in Africa and the Middle East know the business and the peculiarity of dealing in emerging markets like no one else. They play a crucial role in protecting DHL's business.

Meet DHL Global Forwarding's Head of Legal Counsel and Risk Manager in Turkey, Hülya Yarici. Hülya has worked in this role with DHL since 2012. With more than 400 employees working with DHL Global Forwarding in Turkey, Hülya continually supports them with their legal issues.

Learn more about Hülya's DHL career and her role in the legal team.

Providing legal advice and training for employees

DHL Global Forwarding has five branches around Turkey, and also a headquarters based in Istanbul, which is also the city where Hülya is based.

Hülya not only supports people regarding contracts, but she also supports all sorts of legal issues people may have.

"If they are having trouble, or they are conflicted with the customers, all sorts of legal advice they need, I give them," says Hülya.

"I also give them training, which most of the time, more than two or three times, I train them regarding transportation law and the company policies," she explains.

Part of a supportive legal team

Although Hülya works with DHL Global Forwarding in Turkey on her own, she is also part of the legal team, called DGF MEA Legal. DHL's managers lead by example and create an open, respectful, and supportive atmosphere within their teams.

"I don't feel alone because we have a routine and, periodically, conference calls. We have a legal conference once a year, either virtual or physically. We talk to each other," comments Hülya.

"Whenever an issue is getting over my head, or I cannot sort it out, I always call my other team members and discuss the issue. So, I never feel that I am working on my own. I feel that I am a part of a legal team which connects with each other, which supports each other and is happy to work together," shares Hülya.

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