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DHL Supply Chain's Tia Wallace discusses her e-commerce role

 June 10, 2024

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From accelerated digitalization to end-to-end sustainability, a career in e-Commerce with DHL Supply Chain can help customers stay at the forefront of innovation and adapt their business to be fit for the future.

Meet DHL Supply Chain's e-Commerce Development Director for UK & Ireland, Tia Wallace.

Tia discusses her varied role with DHL and explains why she enjoys working with the company.

Working alongside inspirational people

Tia has worked with DHL for 14 years, and works with a range of accelerated digitalization strategic areas, so that DHL can offer its customers solutions from a portfolio of options to get the best fit solution for their product and their business.

"We're also working on end-to-end sustainability initiatives, so we're looking both at the sustainability of the supply chain and from an environmental and commercial point of view. And we're also looking at every single touch point, so supporting with the packaging, supporting with solutions that can be returnable and reusable," explains Tia.

Tia shares that she enjoys working for DHL because every day she gets to work alongside fantastic and inspirational people, whether that's DHL's own colleagues or its customer teams. "We get to work on solutions that are innovative and that are going to help change customers' businesses in the future," says Tia. "The opportunities on offer are incredible and so varied that you can come in and learn something different every day, genuinely in this industry, and that's why I love it."

A passion for learning and growth

For Tia, the kind of person who would work really well within the DHL e-Commerce team is somebody who is passionate about growth. "Somebody passionate about innovation, somebody customer-centric, and really somebody that wants to learn," she suggests.

Forge a successful career in e-Commerce with DHL

DHL delivers a difference to its customers, colleagues and communities by harnessing the latest technology, embracing digitaliztion, and focusing on sustainability.

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