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WTW women describe WTW's progressive work culture

 June 18, 2024

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WTW's highly engaging and innovative culture is one where its colleagues are empowered to achieve the best possible results, for each other and for WTW's clients.

From flexible working arrangements to opportunities for collaboration, we hear from some of WTW's colleagues who are forging successful careers as they work for WTW's Lisbon Regional Delivery Hub as it continues to grow from strength to strength.

WTW Senior Associate, Automation Centre of Excellence (CoE), Tânia Lopo and WTW Associate, Retirement Team, Beatriz Curioso, share the 'one word' they would use to describe WTW.

Variety of opportunities on offer

Tânia shares that the one word she would use to describe WTW's Lisbon Regional Delivery Hub is 'opportunity.'

"Here we are lucky to have a lot of opportunities, and we are a growing team, an expanding team, and we have new opportunities very frequently, so we are able to do different things and to learn different things every day," says Tânia.

Flexible working patterns available

For Beatriz, 'flexible' is the one word that she would use to describe WTW.

"We are given a lot of freedom on the hours that we can work during the day, or in the place we can work, which came very handy due to the times we lived in the pandemic," shares Beatriz.

Importance of collaboration and diversity

A further WTW colleague adds that they believe 'collaboration' is key to all of WTW's work, and collaboration is also how WTW's people live their lives and interact as a team throughout the process.

A further WTW colleague explains that the one word they would use when describing the WTW Lisbon Regional Delivery Hub is 'diversity.'

"We have a lot of cultures here, people from all over the world, and people with different styles, characteristics, and that's amazing," comments the WTW colleague.

Highly engaging and innovative culture

WTW is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is heard, respected, and valued for who they are. The company believes that building diverse teams will help WTW make better decisions, be more creative and improve its ability to overcome complex problems.

Furthermore, as part of its commitment to nourishing an engaging and innovative culture, WTW understands that flexibility is key to supporting an inclusive and diverse workforce, and so has a variety of different working arrangements called WTW Work Flex. WTW encourages its colleagues and candidates to make requests for the types of flexible working arrangements that suit them.

Looking to join WTW's exciting work culture?

Working with WTW is a chance to push into the unknown, the never before, and the new. WTW's colleagues use their know-how, experience and global reach to tackle challenges and fuel potential.

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