Hear from women leaders about what makes Capgemini inclusive

 June 24, 2024

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People are at the heart of Capgemini.

The company believes that an inclusive workplace that welcomes and encourages its people in every aspect is one that continuously thrives in all ventures. Across all levels of Capgemini, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) empowers employees to reach new heights of creativity. At Capgemini, unique perspectives bring the best of innovation to the spotlight and inspire employees to get the future they want in their personal and professional lives.

Capgemini is breaking down barriers to a better future. By having a diverse workforce that represents society, and by fostering an inclusive culture, Capgemini is building a place where its people can thrive.

Here, women leaders from Capgemini India share how Capgemini is rewriting the future of diversity and inclusivity, where employees can get the future they want.

A moral and business imperative

"How would you feel if you got invited to someone's house and yet not felt welcomed once you're there? Diversity and inclusion are not just some mere words for us but a moral and business imperative. To us at Capgemini, diversity and inclusion are the means to an equitable world. Our core objective at Capgemini is to welcome you as you are. Yes, you're welcome," says Capgemini India Chief Human Resources Officer, Aarti Srivastava.

A source of creativity and innovation

"A few years ago, we embarked on a journey to translate our vision into reality. Today, I feel truly proud that we not only kept our word but moved on to new horizons, setting precedence for others. Diversity is a source of creativity, innovation, and inspiration for us. As a responsible company, we will continue our journey and bring positive impact. At Capgemini, our approach is pro-people and provides psychological safety for all. You are all truly welcome here," explains Capgemini Group Corporate Responsibility Officer, Sarika Naik.

Bringing different perspectives and experiences 

"We've made a lot of progress, yet we strive to move even further. Diversity is not about all of us agreeing on the same thing. It's about bringing different perspectives and different lived experiences. People from all walks of life are welcome here. Yes, you too are welcome," adds Capgemini India Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Sreya Ghosh Oberoi.

Empowering women in technology and beyond

"WinspirE is our answer to the gender gap in our industry. We are empowering women in technology and beyond. I've been with Capgemini more than 20 years. Never did I not feel at home. Capgemini is committed to equality of opportunity and dignity at work for all. Pro-women initiatives are really heartwarming," says Capgemini India Vice President, Leena Sagar.

Feeling welcome at Capgemini 

"I belong to a family of military veterans, and I'm the third generation in my family to have joined the forces. It was an exciting place, and after quitting I felt that loss of belongingness, with limited opportunities for women veterans like me. But things at Capgemini are so different. The work culture doesn't leave a room for ambiguity. Everyone has been forthcoming enough to guide me and help me settle down quickly. I feel so welcomed here," comments Capgemini India Senior Manager, Praneeta Raina.

Get the future you want at Capgemini

Capgemini believes a workplace where everyone feels valued for who they are isn’t just a powerful moral responsibility – it’s also a source of competitive advantage. By having a diverse workforce that represents society, and by fostering an inclusive culture, Capgemini builds a place where its people can truly thrive. 

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