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Vivian at UNHCR tells the stories the world needs to hear

Vivian at UNHCR tells the stories the world needs to hear

Vivian, a native of Singapore, is a talented writer and editor. She has promoted public awareness of UNHCR’s work around the world by mastering the development of news stories about refugees. Her most satisfying moments working with UNHCR are in the field where she’s privileged to work with the people UNHCR cares for, hearing their experiences and telling their stories.

Vivian explains that communication isn’t only about awareness and fundraising, but it’s a powerful protection tool. Vivian has worked in Geneva, Islamabad, Beijing, Nairobi and Bangkok and has been given amazing opportunities to grow and push herself beyond her comfort zone. As a young Public Information Officer she has been on call around the clock, and although exciting, it was often overwhelming.

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Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, UNHCR provides opportunities to take your career to the next level while building a better future for refugees. Interested in joining UNHCR, but not sure where to start? Please see their current career opportunities or learn more about UNHCR's Talent Pools and how to apply.

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