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E.ON empowers employees to meet its clean energy goals

Creativity is born out of employees having the right skills, being in the right environment and supported by leadership that not only cultivates their ideas, but drive innovation and action, according to a report from Kenexa WorkTrends.

Employers should welcome and reward new ideas, reduce red tape and make it easy, make it safe to fail and develop flexible thinking, according to HR magazine, which had exclusive access to the report.

"Innovators such as Steve Jobs at Apple had a clear vision of what he wanted and had a freedom to be innovative,” Matthew Nowell, senior business development partner at Kenexa, told HR magazine.

“Jobs was then able to dictate the market and tell it where it was going."

On a global level, the Kenexa survey showed women outscored men on nearly every element of innovation, according to HR magazine, which had exclusive access to the report.

Tapping into Innovation and diversity are underlying principles at E.ON, one of  the UK’s major utility firms.

“Our strategic aim is to deliver cleaner and better energy by offering innovative energy services and technologies tailored to meet our customers' needs, and help people across the UK become energy fit,” the company says.

“As we develop new and better ways to generate, distribute and sell energy, we’re enjoying new ways of working with and energising our employees too.”

The company has a innovative learning development programme geared towards finding new ways to deliver energy. It includes leadership and management development, professional training, and operational and technical training.

E.ON launched an Engineering Academy to bring together engineering development and training expertise, to make sure it has enough engineers with the right skills to meet future needs.

The effort has been recognised with several accolades including a Young Woman Engineer of the Year Award.

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