Join the impressive women at Northrop Grumman

Join the impressive women at Northrop Grumman

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Northrop Grumman honors and respects experience. It has a tremendously talented workforce, and that is due in large part to those who are experts in their field. As an experienced professional you’ll have the opportunity to connect with coworkers in an environment that’s professional, creative and flexable. You'll be able to mentor up-and-coming talent and be a subject matter expert.

Women are thriving at Northrop Grumman

Potential candidates find the following aspects beneficial:

  • Development Centers: Formalized tools, guidance and courses for a successful career trajectory
  • Work/Life Balance: Telework and generous paid time off are among the perks
  • Extensive Benefits:  Northrop Grumman offers an array of benefits to give you the support you need

Learn more about Northrop Grumman's application process

Job searching can be stressful or just downright overwhelming. Add on top of that confusing application systems and the problem gets even worse. Northrop Grumman figures you don’t like that, and they don't either. They've developed a simple application process that is efficient but thorough. They value your time looking at them for your next career.

Search and apply: You can create your profile when you first visit the site or when you apply for a specific position. The Candidate Self-Service Portal within your profile lets you check the status of your applications. You can always click on their My Job Page tab to review your submission status.

Screening: When your online submission has been received, an HR Representative will contact you if you're a match for the position. Your information is then available to all recruiters in the company.

Application review: There are two parts: "Under consideration by recruiter" which means your application is under detailed review by the recruiter.; and "Under consideration by hiring manager" whihc0 means that your application has been sent to the hiring department for review. The hiring managers select candidates for an interview.

Interview: The interview process is in progress. A representative will contact you to schedule your interview. After you complete your interview, you'll hear feedback from the hiring department.

Offer: Offer accepted. You have accepted an offer and will be contacted by a Northrop Grumman representative with details. 

Pre-employment processing: Your pre-employment processing is in progress. Subsequent communications will be made as more information becomes available.

Hired: Congratulations on your new career at Northrop Grumman! 

Start your job application with Northrop Grumman today

Search and apply for an exciting and rewarding career at prime employer for women, Northrop Grumman, today!

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