Apprenticeships at Vodafone

Earn real world-experience with Vodafone while you study

Earn real world-experience with Vodafone while you study

Vodafone's Apprenticeship Programme lets you work for one of the most exciting companies in the UK while developing your skills and knowledge with real industry experts. With programmes for those educated to both GCSE and A Level standard, it’s a fantastic opportunity to kick start your career, be paid for your time and earn valuable, real-world experience while you study. 

They offer Advanced, Higher & Degree Apprenticeships Level 2, 3, 4 & 6 and have opportunities across various locations in the UK which include London, Brentford, Bracknell, Newbury, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham & Leeds. Specific locations for each programme and stream are stated upon application.

Vodafone apprenticeships provide an opportunity to work, learn and earn and Vodafone make sure you have all the support and career development opportunities you’d need to not only gain a qualification in your field, but reach your potential. Each apprenticeship is different, but you’ll spend anything between 12 - 42 months in a variety of different learning environments all the while, striving towards a full qualification in your field. 

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Check out stories about Vodafone's current and past apprentices

Sam - Apprentice engineer at Vodafone

"Every day is different but that’s one of my favourite things about my job, I love the freedom I get being out and about and the variation of jobs means no getting bored."

"I chose to join the Vodafone Apprentice Programme because as well as having a reputation as a great employer, it looked like a brilliant challenge. I knew that in technology things would always be moving forward, so I’d always have new things to learn and new challenges ahead. Day to day is usually pretty varied for me, whether I’m carrying out a customer installation, fixing a fault on a piece of equipment on the ground or up a mast. Every day is different but that’s one of my favourite things about my job, I love the freedom I get being out and about and the variation of jobs means no getting bored.

"Being a female in what is portrayed as a male environment is great! I like to be different but on the other hand, I don’t see any reason why other girls would think twice about it. The support I have gotten off the teams and people I have met has been brilliant and I have never thought once I have been seen differently because of my gender. Throughout the apprenticeship so far I have had the opportunity to meet so many different people – something I really enjoy doing. As well as this I have had some great training opportunities. Working with my mentor, colleagues and through external training I have learnt such a great deal in a short period of time but learning and pushing forward is something I enjoy doing. My main struggle personally has been leaving my little boy – nobody wants to be away from their kids but I see it as something I am doing for him, and the future will be worth it!"

Laura - Higher technology apprentice at Vodafone

"I felt like I wanted to kick start my career by getting experience whilst doing so; an apprenticeship programme is the best of both worlds as you learn on the job and you get a qualification at the end. After realising university was not for me, I decided to look for an apprenticeship. I felt like I wanted to kick start my career by getting experience whilst doing so; an apprenticeship programme is the best of both worlds as you learn on the job and you get a qualification at the end.

"I’ve always wanted to work for Vodafone! Working for a fantastic company with a large reputation is a pretty impressive thing to say. Technology is changing all the time and Vodafone are at the forefront of this making it an exciting place to work. Work life at Vodafone is busy, but in a good way. I love my team and they’ve made my experience amazing! On a daily basis I help deliver a project, talking to external providers whilst tracking the progress. I also have many other jobs throughout my day, which I manage around completing university work and travelling to Bracknell once a week to see my mentor. Being able to say ‘I work for Vodafone’ is a proud moment every time I say it! I am most proud of being given an incredible opportunity to create a newsletter for Fixed Network every month."

Rhaea at Vodafone asked 'School, Uni, or Apprenticeship?'

"‘I don’t know what I want to do’" is a common phrase spoken by college students when asked the question of what they want to study at university. I was that student. Even before college, when I was at school, picking my GCSE’s I had no idea what I wanted to do. I have always been a pretty indecisive person; I can’t even pick what I want to eat at a restaurant without having a coin-tossing tournament between options to determine what I order, let alone picking what subject I want to study for the rest of my life. I mean, it’s a pretty big deal isn’t it?

"When I was applying to universities there was very limited information on corporate apprenticeships, I barely had any idea that they even existed. Only after I’d applied to universities that I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to, for courses that I didn’t actually find interesting, did I actually look into apprenticeships. Long story short, I didn’t get into a single one of my chosen Uni’s because I didn’t get the grades and I got offered two apprenticeships from a large insurance company and a finance company. To my parents absolute horror I rejected the apprenticeship offers and decided to go through clearing and got a place at Bournemouth University to study Business Studies. Everything had fallen into place I thought. But I was completely wrong.

"After just a few weeks in at Bournemouth Uni I realised I’d made a big mistake. I persevered with the endless lectures and horrible feeling of regret until I’d been there a term and couldn’t bare it any longer. I realised how important it is to do something you actually care about and have an interest in over the infamous ‘Uni lifestyle’. I’m not going to lie, the friends I made and some of the nights out I had were great, but it wasn’t worth the debt I was in after just a term and the miserable, unmotivated, wouldn’t get out of bed until 2pm kind of person, that university led me to become.

"To my parents horror (again) I dropped out of University and took a year out to re-evaluate my life. I had a close friend that was an apprentice for Vodafone and the first time they told me about it, I was sold. I researched the apprenticeship in depth to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into and that I wasn’t just going to ‘drop out’ of it like I did with Uni. I decided to apply and after a video interview and an assessment centre I was given the job!

"I only realised the true benefits and value of an apprenticeship from my experience and I couldn’t be happier now. The main benefits I’d like to mention are:

  • Fantastic pay - Let’s not beat around the bush here, the pay is incredibly good. When you think about the fact that you’re actually getting paid to do a degree and work for the company at the same time, instead of getting in almost 40k debt from Uni, it definitely seems too good to be true, but I can tell you it is true.
  • Great stability - This is something easily overlooked when starting an apprenticeship but it is probably one of the best reasons to choose an apprenticeship over university. I studied Business Studies at Bournemouth and only now do I realise how much competition there is in that degree. It is the most popular degree there is, meaning that once you’re finished it’s incredibly competitive and can be difficult to get a job. By doing an apprenticeship, the company is investing large amount of money in you by, not only paying for you to get a degree, but your salary as well. Although you aren’t guaranteed a job at the end of the apprenticeship, if you do well, let’s just say it’d be very silly for the company to invest all of that money for you to then go and take those skills and knowledge, which they’ve paid for you to obtain, to a competitor… What I’m saying is that you’re a hell of a lot more likely to get a full-time, permanent position with the company you’re doing an apprenticeship with after you complete the degree than if you just did the degree at university.
  • Experience - Let’s say you’re a manager looking for someone new to join your team, you have two CV’s to choose from. Both have the same degree however one of them already has a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the field, which one do you choose? No brainer right? You’d obviously pick the one with the degree and experience. The phrase ‘get a head start in your career’ is often heard about apprenticeships, and yes it might be a bit cliché but it is so so true.
  • The Rewards & Opportunities - Apprenticeships are incredible in every sense but are also hard work; do not go into an apprenticeship thinking that you’re going to get paid 20k just to make teas and coffees because you won’t be. You’ll be doing real, proper 9-5 work just like everyone else in the company; the thing that makes you different is that you have a degree to work on on top of that. Although the work isn’t a walk in the park, it is incredibly rewarding. I’ve been at Vodafone for almost 6 months now and already I have joined the company’s share plan, raised 600 for charity and am, fingers crossed, about to have my first appraisal.

A very rewarding career path

"if you are really unsure about what to do when you leave college then don’t panic. It’s incredibly easy to let yourself freak out during this time but you shouldn’t. Even if it means you need to take a year out, like I ended up doing, to realise what you really want, don’t freak out. People might try to rush and pressure you into making a decision, whether it is your parents, your teachers, your friends, but as long as you make the end decision because it’s what you want to do it then that’s all that matters. I am a strong advocate for apprenticeships but at the end of the day they don’t suit everyone. If you’re want to work hard, gain amazing experience and a good salary then absolutely go for it, but if you’re more concerned about going out every single night and not getting up until 1pm each day then perhaps this isn’t for you. You really do have to be in it to win it, and I wholeheartedly believe that if you give an apprenticeship your all then the opportunities are endless."

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