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Explore new territories: Oracles Global Controller Organization

Explore new territories: Oracle's Global Controller Organization

 January 24, 2018

Natalia Kornilova moved from Russia three years ago to join Oracle’s Global Controller Organization in Dublin. She is now a Senior Assistant Financial Controller in an organization that spans three continents (with offices located in the US, in Ireland and India), operating at world-class standards.

As Natalia herself explains her role, she ensures that “all aspects of accounting controllership, risk management, finance compliance and external statutory reporting are delivered to the highest standard.”

Why Oracle, and why Dublin?

“It was not an easy decision for me to move to Ireland, as I had never lived outside of Russia for more than a month”, Natalia confides. However, she is glad she took this step, which in her view was the right choice. “One of the reasons why I decided to relocate was the desire to learn. I used to work for multinational companies before, but it was a Russian experience and I wanted to expand my knowledge including European experience.”

Getting involved with various different projects, at work and outside of it, provided Natalia a chance to engage with culturally diverse teams, and to interact with people from all over the world. Every such interaction has added a special flavor to her job, which she described as never boring – no day looks like the one before it in terms of challenges.

Apart from a rich cultural experience, Natalia found a unique opportunity to learn. She says: “Oracle is a great place where you can learn a lot, because it focuses on developing employees with training and support. Also, team members care about your success - which is what motivates me to perform well.”

The woman beyond the job: the Explorer

Natalia’s most coveted passion outside of work has a lot to do with cultural experiences: she loves travelling. While she has already travelled all over Europe, and some of Latin and North America, and planning trips to China, New Zealand or Australia, since she moved to Dublin she started exploring Ireland. “Some of my colleagues say I’ve already seen more places in Ireland then most of the Irish people have”, she says. “Every weekend I’m off to see some cliffs or a castle, a garden or a beach. I like seeing new places, learning history, trying new food and making new friends.”

On Natalia’s personal to-do list is to also try at least two new hobbies every year: be it horseback riding or sailing a 1720 boat, playing golf or surfing, she has a very long list of things she’d like to experience at least once.

“Setting up new challenges for myself in my personal life and achieving them inspires me to do the same in my work.” Natalia concludes. In fact, this translates in her own recipe of success at Oracle: “you need to be proactive, responsive and have a positive spirit. Not least, it’s always important to build solid relationships with your team members and colleagues - that’s the way to success at Oracle.”

Like Natalia, you too can discover a whole world of opportunity at Oracle’s Global Controller Organization. Start by checking out our available roles and apply.


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