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Vodafone is proud to offer equal opportunities regardless of race, nationality, cultural background, gender, age, marital status, orientation, gender identity, disability, religious or political belief. They can only leverage this diversity by building an inclusive culture where everyone is respected, can be themselves and strive to be their best. That way they can build a better future for their employees, their partners, the communities they work in and their customers.

The Vodafone ReConnect programme is designed to attract talented people who have left the workplace (in many cases to raise a family or care for an elderly relative) who would like to return to work on a full-time or flexible basis but are struggling to make the professional connections needed or refresh the skills required.

Women are fully supported on their return to work at Vodafone

Karin Meurk-Harvey is one ReConnecter who has already benefited from the programme. Karin, who is now Head of IoT Commercial in Vodafone Group Enterprise, said: “On my first day [at Vodafone], I had a senior HR business partner meet me in the lobby - and they were with me the whole day. That felt like coming home.”

“My personal circumstances changed," she says. "I became a single mother, and at the time I had a job where I travelled a lot. I was responsible for a region and I realised things needed to change because I had relatively small children at home. So, I decided to leave the corporate world and start my own consultancy business, where I had more flexible working hours and didn’t have to travel. After a time, my personal life stabilised. My children were a little bit older and I felt ready to go back to work, to work for a big enterprise again." Prior to her return to work, Karin had more than 23 years of corporate experience in the telecoms sector.

“On my first day [at Vodafone], I had a senior HR business partner meet me in the lobby - and they were with me the whole day. That felt like coming home.”

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Best employer of women in the world

Vodfone's intention by 2025 is to become the best employer of women in the world and they will be relentless in our efforts towards this.

Vittorio Colao, our Group CEO, has “a dream, an ambition, which is to have the whole of Vodafone … as the best place, with a reputation of being the best place for women to work, become managers, become executives, become senior executives.”

The good news is that they've made some great progress on this journey. They have already reached their goal of 30% of women in management and leadership roles and hope to gain even further ground by 2020.


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