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As F5s first Chief HRO Ana White is making waves

As F5's first Chief HRO Ana White is making waves

 March 06, 2018

Executive Vice President Ana White joined F5 Networks in 2018 as the company’s first Chief Human Resources Officer. With 4,500 F5 employees worldwide, Ana is the senior-most woman at the company, leading people practices and professional growth programs, recruiting, and diversity & inclusion, compensation & benefits, organizational development, and talent management.

“One of the reasons I joined F5 was the opportunity to focus on an issue I care deeply about –  expanding diversity and inclusion of employees in the tech sector.

“I came from Microsoft which had come a long way in the last 20 years of committed diversity and inclusion efforts, yet recognized it as a journey that requires constant self-assessment and commitment."

A focus on gender parity at F5

“I think F5 is in a similar position, though at a much smaller scale of course! The leadership team at F5 knows that our growth strategy depends in large part on the recruitment and retention of employees from diverse sectors, backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, areas of expertise, and geographies. This requires a special focus on what gender parity means in an industry like tech where women are under-represented.

“Every day, I am looking for new ways to evolve our culture, our policies and our teams to better reflect the equal contributions of women in the tech industry – from our products to our practices.”

Talented women thrive at F5

If you’re interested in joining Ana and her team press for progress at F5, check out their current job vacancies around the world.

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