Women at the University of Sheffield are driving change

 March 15, 2018

The University of Sheffield on International Women's Day, focused on some of its talented and inspirational women who drive change and challenge stereotypes in their day to day lives. Below is a selection of some of their women's statements about equality. 

Campaigning for greater rights for women

Celeste Jones, who works as a Women's Officer for the University of Sheffield's Student's Union was extremely proud of a recent campaign she worked on stating, "I launched my 16 days against gendered violence campaign. It was the biggest one Sheffield had seen and we had over 250 self-defining women support a march in solidarity against sexual violence and sexual harassment. It was so empowering to see so many different kinds of women students come out into the streets together. Very inspirational."

Proving rugby is not just for boys

"I really love the team spirit involved in playing women's rugby annex what motivates me on and off the pitch I'd encourage everyone to give a go you're stronger than you think I'm capable of more than you realize," commented another of the University's women.

Girls love science too!

"Science is like a poetry of reality it's mind-boggling at times it's scary at times it's beautiful nonetheless and it's rather selfish to not share it between genders and I often find that it's not the cause of the lack of passion but it's because of the lack of perseverance - because you find a lot of young bright women and girls out there who often face stereotypes, cultural stigma, and even sexual harassment in some cases and it's something that even would dull the brightest of ambitions," says a fellow University of Sheffield colleague. "Women in engineering at the University of Sheffield has a lot of initiatives trying to get girls to study more STEM subjects or you have a lot of outreach programs, so we go into schools as well as hold outreach events here at the University. The degree on which I teach 40% of our students are female and that's thanks in part to the women in engineering scheme."

Technology is for all

"I wouldn't have got involved in the coding community courses for female students if I hadn't been part of the University because there's so many other opportunities. Tech is at the center of every industry including higher education including healthcare, is just everywhere and it's the future we need to get more women involved a young age so that they know that they belong in this sector just like everyone else," explains another employee.

Diversity drives innovation

"Here at the Sheffield finance department we've got a really good gender balance and I think that's fantastic because what we really want to hear are different perspectives and different ways of problem-solving. I think it's just really important to have everybody's voice heard," says an enthusisatic employee ta the University.

"I'd encourage women to say yes to every opportunity push yourself out of your comfort zone and don't be afraid to fail because you often learn more from the things that go wrong thank the things that are successful. Above all be positive and try to recognize other women along the way," explains another.

Join talented women at The University of Sheffield

With such an impressive track record, The University of Sheffield is certainly a top employer for women. Why not explore their current vacancies today.

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