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Diageo reinforces strong commitment to LGBT + inclusion

Diageo reinforces strong commitment to LGBT + inclusion

 May 03, 2018

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Diageo joins the global coalition of businesses committed to advocating for LGBT+ inclusion and championing the benefits of a more diverse and inclusive society.

Open for Business is an alliance of leading companies from across the globe that are committed to supporting LGBT+ inclusion worldwide. The coalition, which launched in 2015, aims to make and promote a positive business and economic case for LGBT+ rights globally. Open For Business, which launched in September 2015 at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Summit, is a coalition of leading global companies supporting LGBT+ inclusion around the world.

Diageo views diversity as one of the key enablers that helps their business to grow. Diageo's values, purpose and standards set the conditions for us to respect the unique contribution each person brings.

Diageo has long been a champion for greater LGBT+ inclusion both within our business and beyond.

Their dedicated LGBT+ employee group - the Rainbow Network - spans across Europe and North America and is focused on raising the profile of LGBT+ issues as well as the broader inclusion and diversity agenda.

Diageo's drive for LGBT+ inclusivity is being championed through the work of our brands - and in particular Smirnoff through the ‘We’re Open’ Campaign driving for greater inclusivity. Smirnoff launched a campaign aimed towards improving the understanding of the non-binary community and promoting a more inclusive night time culture.

Previously, Diageo's inaugural INC. week marked London Pride. Over the course of the week Diageo's London HQ was transformed to host a series of events and they were joined by notable speakers including figures from organisations sharing their views on unconscious bias, gender equality, disability, and flexible working, as well as representatives from London PRIDE and OUTstanding.

In joining the coalition Diageo aims to further support LGBT+ individuals as well as promoting the benefits of a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Diageo’s inclusion was announced at a Parliamentary reception organised by The Commonwealth Secretariat, Open for Business and OUTstanding, and hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global LGBT Rights and Lord Cashman. The reception was held alongside the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

“Fully embracing diversity, including gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, experience, and skills, is not only the right thing to do, but we firmly believe it makes good business sense. I am therefore delighted that Diageo has joined the Open For Business coalition. We know that for our business to thrive we depend on having diverse talent across the 180 countries in which we operate that reflect our broad consumer base - and that includes being a great place to work for LGBT+ talent,” explained Louise Prashad, Global Talent Director at Diageo.

“We are thrilled to have Diageo join the Open For Business coalition. Their addition reaffirms their strong commitment to the LGBT+ community and the economic and business case for LGBT+ inclusion. At Open For Business, we are working to build a coherent business voice on LGBT+ rights and inclusion globally. Now that Diageo is a part of our coalition, that voice has gotten much stronger,” commented Drew Keller, Program Director of Open for Business.

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Diageo is also recognised in the Financial Times' OUTstanding Top LGBT+ Future Leaders list. Read more about Diageo's recognition. Diageo’s Andrew Porter is a strong and consistent supporter, championing LGBT+ people in business.

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Open for Business makes sense economically

The purpose of Open For Business is to make and promote a positive business and economic case for global LGBT+ rights. As businesses with customers, employees, suppliers and operations around the world, the coalition believes successful, enterprising businesses thrive in diverse, inclusive societies, and the spread of anti-LGBT+ policies runs counter to the interests of business and economic development. Open For Business has published two reports that show the strong evidence that supports the economic and business case for LGBT+ rights. The coalition runs its Global Influencer and Local Influencer Programs to catalyse a coherent business voice for LGBT+ rights at a global and local level.


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