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Eatons Amna thrives on the graduate program

Eaton's Amna thrives on the graduate program

 May 16, 2018

Eaton's Amna was born in Pakistan, but lived in Turkey for a long time before moving to the Czech Republic some of years ago to finish her university studies. 

Here is her story about choosing to join Eaton, how she manages her time at work, and why she enjoys working for Eaton.

"I joined Eaton in 2016 for a student summer internship which then turned into a part-time job. Then I completed my Master’s thesis at the company, and now I am participating in a two-year programme for fresh university graduates."

Corporate and Research Technology department

"I work in the Corporate and Research Technology department, specifically on the DC microgrids project.

"Every day I receive various technical tasks to work on from my mentor and supervisor. I also train my soft skills; for example, I am currently learning about project management techniques.

"First thing in the morning, I usually reply to e-mails and go to internal meetings. My work here is very much intertwined with the work of others, so I am in touch with my colleagues on a daily basis. However, I still have enough time to focus on the technical part of my work.

"What I enjoy the most is the mix of all kinds of activities I do throughout the day so I do not have to sit behind the desk all day long."

Balancing work with her down time

"I enjoy swimming and playing squash in my free time. Every Saturday morning, I head to the local farmer’s market where I often meet with my colleagues from Eaton. Then we grab a couple of waffles or burgers together, depending on the mood. I also travel around Prague a lot. It is a wonderful city and even though I have been living here for over two years, there are still new places for me to discover."

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