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HCL actively supports women returners back into the company

HCL actively supports women returners back into the company

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Support for women returning to work after career breaks is a key priority for HCL. 

Right from the very top of the company, women with family responsibilities are valued and supported thanks to HCL's iBelieve career program for women.

iBelieve is HCL’s Career Program for Women

HCL is committed to recruiting and retaining a workforce with diverse backgrounds. iBelieve is an initiative that promotes the company's inclusive policies. The program focuses on skilling and providing employment opportunities to women who wish to start or restart careers in IT.

iBelieve is a fee-based training program with job assurance for women who wish to be IT professionals. The key tenets of this program are EmpowerEnable and Employ:

  • Empowering women to believe in themselves through HCL's counselling sessions
  • Enabling women by HCL's extensive classroom training and diversity lead policies
  • Employing women at HCL for further growth in their career

Through iBelieve, HCL offers customized skilling pathways as per the candidate’s previous experience and education qualification. Various employment plans available under this program are as follows:

  • START -  candidates with science or engineering background with 0 - 2 years of IT or non-IT experience can start their careers in new age skills through HCL's NOW and NEXT 6-month training program. NEXT technologies include the latest technologies which will help one progress in their career
  • RE-START - if the candidate is returning to work after a career break and has prior experience in IT industry, she can pursue a refresher training program in the same technical stream she worked in for a duration of 3 months based on her technical competency, which gets assessed through interviews / online assessments

Balancing work and family 

"During the interview process they said 'You know we also want you to still be able to be a mom and to have a family' and that was unique you know. That's not something that you hear every day from a company, especially the size of HCL," said one employee.

HCL's Executive Director and CEO sets the tone

Roshni Nadar Malhotra, HCL’s Executive Director and CEO advises women to think about life as a work-life choice.

"There are some days that work becomes more important. There are some days that elements outside the workplace become more important, and you're constantly juggling with those
choices. And the most successful women amongst us have juggled with those choices and learnt to live with their decisions without any guilt. And that's truly what we want to be able to empower women with who are at HCL and who are considering joining HCl after a certain gap," explains Roshni.

Join HCL women balancing their work and family responsibilities

HCL's returners program will help any women transition back into the workplace after a career break.

Search and apply for an exciting HCL role in your country and enjoy their supportive work culture..

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