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Schroder's Marina Severinovsky sees excellent career growth

 March 26, 2014

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One impressive Alternatives Specialist at Schroders is Marina Severinovsky. She's responsible for distributing Schroders’ alternative products, working with the sales team, speaking at events and preparing new business proposals.

Marina says Schroders’ work culture is “relatively calm and refined” and that this has taught her that you can deliver great results with a softer touch. “I think that as a woman, I am especially attracted to this approach - still having a strong hand, but wearing a soft glove!”

At Schroders, Marina enjoys that she gets to work with colleagues who are bright, kind, polite and thoughtful, and she thrives on building great working relationships.

A highlight of Marina’s career with Schroders is the extraordinary level of balance which the company has provided between her work and motherhood. Schroders offered flexible working throughout Marina’s maternity leave and return to work, enabling her to spend more time with her newborn. She then returned to a more senior role so praises Schroders in terms of its support for parents. Marina believes there are many desirable qualities for thriving at Schroders, including being resultsdriven, proactive, diligent and focused on producing excellent output.

Finally, there is the people element, the most essential attribute of all in building supportive and positive working relationships. “There is a lot of growth potential in my role, in the business and for Schroders in the US so this is a very exciting position to be in. That kind of opportunity certainly doesn’t exist in every company.”

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