Tatiana's return to work was a breeze thanks to Vodafone's maternity policy

Vodafones maternity policy helped Tatiana return to work

Vodafone's maternity policy helped Tatiana return to work

After ten years working as external IT Consultant in South and Central America, and finishing her studies in System Engineering as well as an MBA, Tatiana took the biggest risk of her life and accepted a job in the UK, even though she didn't speak English. Tatiana moved to the UK from her home country of Venezuela, with two suitcases and lots of expectations.

Tatiana's UK journey started as an IT Finance Solution Specialist in a manufacturing company, and then, after four years in England, an opportunity to work for Vodafone came up and she didn’t hesitate to apply.

Tatiana describes her Vodafone journey as "the most dynamic and innovative" part of her professional life. In her current role as Global ERP Strategy and Portfolio Manager, she deals with a huge variety of people (internal and external to Vodafone), challenges and opportunities. "I can be doing benchmarks, teams certifications, software license agreements and renewals, changes to ways of working, new technology assessments or transformation programmes among others," says Tatiana.

Proud to work for a company that embraces diversity and inclusion

When Tatiana considered coming back to work after her maternity leave, she wasn’t sure how the new dynamic of having a family and a demanding role at work was going to merge. But thanks to Vodafone's maternity policy, she could not only take a full year to enjoy her baby with six months full pay, but she came back work at 80% capacity which allowed her to have a gradual return and helped a lot with the adaptation of coming back to work after a full year out.

"As a woman working in technology I’m proud to work for a company that embraces diversity, inclusion and that have policies like that one that supports women when we decide to have a family," says Tatiana. 

Considering a career with Vodafone?

"If you consider yourself an enthusiastic person, and you're looking to be part of an inclusive, multicultural, international and challenging environment, Vodafone could certainly be the place for you!" comments Tatiana. 

Search and apply for a career with Vodafone and see where your next move will take you!


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