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Eaton CEO shares company support for diversity and inclusion

Eaton CEO shares company support for diversity and inclusion

 October 08, 2018

Eaton Chairman and CEO Craig Arnold is part of the Business Roundtable, an iniatiative that aims to help build a strong and sustainable economic future in the United States through action to increase opportunity and advancing public policies that better enable people of all backgrounds to achieve their potential. 

"When employees feel included, we build a better, more competitive and sustainable business. Our journey to be a model of inclusion and diversity in our industry isn’t over; in many ways, I feel we’re just getting started," says Craig Arnold, Chairman and CEO of Eaton. "We aspire to be a model of inclusion and diversity in our industry - a place where everyone matters, a place where everyone belongs."

Reporting on diversity and inclusion

Together with partners in the public, private and non-profit sectors, Business Roundtable CEOs are committed to driving solutions that make a meaningful difference for workers, families, communities and businesses of all sizes. Business Roundtable released Advancing Diversity and Inclusion, a comprehensive report detailing how America’s largest employers are making diversity and inclusion a top priority. More than 120 CEOs of top U.S. companies shared stories and successful business practices that are expanding job and growth opportunities for people of all backgrounds, both within their organizations as well as through their supply chains and the communities they work in. 

“Across the board, Business Roundtable companies are deeply committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace,” commented Alex Gorsky, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Johnson and Chair of the Business Roundtable Corporate Governance Committee. 

Eaton shares its diversity iniatives 

One of Eaton's aspirational goals is to be a model of inclusion and diversity in its industry - a place in which all employees feel valued, respected and included. Eaton set this goal because it believes diverse and inclusive organizations are more successful, but more importantly, because it is the right thing to do. In evaluating its progress, Eaton realises it has work to do. Eaton has not reached this goal yet, but it is making great progress. Here is a brief summary of a few of the steps Eaton taken on this important journey:

Leading from the top

We launched global and regional inclusion councils made up of officers and leaders of our company. These councils provide direction, leadership, support and resources to help our company achieve our inclusion and diversity goals.

Providing professional development

Eaton created an inclusion and diversity course to challenge its leaders to think and act differently, to be open to new ways of thinking and working, to learn how to work respectfully and effectively across cultures, and to appreciate and leverage different perspectives and experiences. To date, more than 4,000 Eaton leaders have participated in this training.

Supporting employee resource groups

Eaton has established Inclusion Employee Resource Groups (iERGs) to provide a space for various demographic groups and their allies to work together on common organizational goals. These groups are having a positive impact on Eaton. For example, they created Eaton's Stretch Assignment Marketplace and recommended changes to its parental leave policy that are now in place. Today, nearly 9,000 Eaton employees are members of iERGs.

Developing key programs

Eaton has developed programs that speak to the needs of a diverse workforce such as flexible work solutions that allow its employees to better balance their work and personal lives and its new mentoring program that helps employees grow and develop in their careers.

"Putting the right programs and policies in place was a good start, but it’s our people at every level and location in the organization who are increasing our momentum. We’re not just saying the right things; we’re doing the right things. In fact, our effort to do the right things is also being recognized externally," cites Eaton's CEO statement for Business Roundtable

"Recently, Forbes magazine named us one of America’s Best Employers for Diversity, and the Human Rights Campaign recognized us as a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality. It’s especially gratifying to be on these lists, as they are determined by the views of employees, peers, top executives, directors, outside agencies and members of the financial community. In closing, if you ask me about inclusion and diversity at Eaton, I’d say we are getting better every day and I’m proud of our accomplishments. For me, it’s simply the right thing to do."

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