Kaitlin values the camaraderie and work ethic at Caterpillar that is similar to her experience in the military

Army veteran Kaitlin enjoys great camaraderie at Caterpillar

Army veteran Kaitlin enjoys great camaraderie at Caterpillar

Kaitlin Gilbert was an officer in the army until she decided to transition to civilian life. Kaitlin says she had an interest in autonomous mining as it was a very new field and it related to her background and skills, so when an opportunity at Caterpillar came up, she was instantly attracted to the role. However, after a 17-year gap since her last interview experience, she said she had no idea what to expect or how to approach it.

“I wouldn't say I lacked confidence, but I didn't believe in the value of my army training and didn't think that the wider community would appreciate it either," says Kaitlin.

Valuable experience and skills for Caterpillar

Looking back, Kaitlin said she had taken for granted the knowledge and skills she acquired during her career and the technical knowledge she developed in the workforce after graduating with a generalist business degree. Kaitlin ended up getting the job at Caterpillar and starting her new role as a product expert in the Caterpillar Minestar Command product, which enables autonomous haulage on mine sites.

Kaitlin's current role involves working closely with the mine, advising on product implementation and improvements of the product, and using her knowledge to improve productively and safety as the conduit between Caterpillar and the customer. 

Kaitlin credits her success to the transferable skills she learned from the army, including technical aptitude and understanding of technology. Yet she believes it was her soft skills, such as leadership, that really secured her role at Caterpillar.

An easy transition from the military to Caterpillar

Kaitlin's transition from the army became easier when she found similarities between the two environments. She says Caterpillar's mining industry is very similar to defense because the camaraderie is strong and everyone works hard as a team to get the job done.

“Working for Caterpillar has been great; the technology team is a small close-knit group that really look out for each other.”

Excited about the future

Overall, Kaitlin has a very positive career outlook. With her passions in networking technology, she is excited to be a part of Caterpillar’s initiative to improve and develop autonomous mining.

“I am really excited about being a part of autonomous mining and the future opportunities this industry holds. I am at the forefront of mining - my role and the technology I am using is still so new and has so much room to grow," says Kaitlin.

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