Schneider Electric encourages businesses to hire apprentices

 October 16, 2018

The electrical industry is well known for its innovation and fast-paced technological advances. The adoption of smart technologies means that customers now demand more from their electricians and a modern electrician now needs a digital skill set as well as technical qualifications. To facilitate innovation, attracting new skills, ideas and talent into the industry is essential. One way to ensure the industry continually evolves is to hire apprentices. Schneider Electric knows first hand the valuable role apprentices can bring to a business. Speaking to Sparks Magazine, Jocelyn Golding, Channel Programme Manager at Schneider Electric explains why apprentices are so important to the company.

Hiring an apprentice is the ‘smart’ thing to do

Jocelyn said: “The UK workforce is an ageing one, and what is expected of them is in constant flux. For electrical contractors to survive, hiring apprentices is essential. Today’s apprentices will introduce skills not seen before, and given time, become a competitive advantage to those who employ them.”

Apprentices bring new skills to the electrical industry

When it comes to attracting the right future employees, Jocelyn commented: “Apprentices entering the workforce have digital skills and understand smart technology possibly better than many fully trained electricians. An apprentice can bring new skills to your company, from advanced computer literacy to proficiency with smart technology.” She went on to urge electricians to break into the emerging smart market before it becomes overcrowded and they get left behind.

Making the most of your apprentice

The get the best value out of an apprentice it’s important to hold on to them for as long as possible so that you are growing your own workforce for the future. Jocelyn said: “Once apprentices have finished their qualifications, they will be able to join your company as a fully fledge member of the team. They will have already become familiar with your systems, processes and challenges, saving valuable time on training up an outsider. They will be loyal to your business, tailored to its needs, but also introducing the future skills you need to thrive“

Apprentices are eager to do well to earn their qualification

Apprentices are also valuable members of the team as they will need to work hard and do a good job in order to qualify for a career in the industry. They have the motivation to do well and apply themselves to the tasks in hand. They also benefit other team members performance. Jocelyn commented: “The presence of an apprentice in a team increases motivation, as other staff can see their employer positively contributing to someone’s training and development, as well as investing in the future of the company. Just as the circulation of blood is good for the body, a steady flow of apprentices will benefit a business.”

Everyone is a winner when you hire an apprentice

In conclusion, Jocelyn talked about how apprentices help all areas of the business. She said, “When you open your doors to apprentices, everyone wins. Apprenticeships benefit not just the individual but also the business who work with them, readying them for a smarter future. When an apprentice is involved, learning, productivity and enthusiasm surges throughout the business."

Schneider Electric’s apprenticeship scheme

The Schneider Electric Apprenticeship Programme gives high school leavers, training college students and electrical apprentices the opportunity to explore a broad range of entry-level roles within their organisation. Schneider Electric's three-year programme gives apprentices hands-on experience and valuable insights from the people that make this market-leading company excel in all areas. You'll be given an opportunity to work in many areas of the company in order to gain a broad understanding before being allocated a specific role for longer term development.

To read the Jocelyn's full blog in Sparks Magazine click here

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Whether you are a student looking for an inspiring apprenticeship or an experienced professional searching for your next move, Schneider Electric has a wide range of opportunities waiting for you. Apply today!

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