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 October 22, 2018

Working in the energy sector has never been more exciting, and Schneider Electric is a company that provides support for its employees to progress in the industry and fulfil their potential. Meet three woman who have thrived thanks to Schneider Electric's strong culture of development and support.

Innovation in the energy sector means it's a great time to join

Schneider Electric - Akanksha Sharma

Meet Akanksha Sharma, Sales Manager in Schneider Electric's UK Automation in their Energy Business, who would describe herself as driven, passionate and sociable. Akanksha is excited about the energy sector's transition into the digital age of the future. The evolution of the smart grid, introduction of electric vehicles, consumer behaviour, advancements in analytics and the internet are all challenging the electricity world and businesses that operate in the industry.

While working with Schneider Electric, Akanksha has been fortunate enough to be exposed to many impressive aspects and people within the business.  "Schneider has a very strong culture of developing its people and investing in future talent within the business. There is an abundance of learning and development opportunities available to employees who are interested and is in fact encouraged by the overall business," says Akanksha. "Schneider also invests in identified and diverse talent throughout the business, providing them exposure, experience and education as required."

A result of Schneider Electric's people-focused culture is an inherent culture of high performance throughout the organisation which is key to driving the business forward but also provides a great environment for young professionals to thrive in.

Akanksha would describe herself as sociable, which explains why networking is her key piece of career advice. "This has been an advice that has been repeated throughout my career by different mentors and I really do believe it to be true. Networking is a key aspect to business and personal development – whether it be internally or externally within the industry – as it puts one in contact with people from different backgrounds, different skill sets and different perspectives who can serve as an important support network professionally or even a potential customer base," explains Akanksha.

The pace of change and need for sustainability provide great focus 

Schneider Electric - Karen Lyons

Meet Karen Lyons, Director of Field Services for Schneider Electric in Ireland.

Karen loves the pace of change in the energy sector and her involvement in bringing positive action to arguably the world’s greatest challenge of sustainability.

What impresses Karen most about Schneider Electric is the company's good balance between global strength and extensive local market presence that ensure customer focus. Schneider Electric's strong focus and support for every individual means that their teams are empowered and competent to deliver on customer requirements

Karen advises people to take ownership and follow up to close actions at work, even its something small like taking the minutes for a group meeting. "If you constantly complete and support action closure no matter how small, your profile will build as someone who gets things done. This is relevant advice at Schneider Electric and many similar global corporations leading in digital transformation," says Karen. "A proactive, solution-oriented approach is essential to be effective as a trusted advisor to our customers."

Schneider Electric supports the well-being of its employees

Schneider Electric - Felice Hurlstone

Meet Felice Hurlstone, Marketing Manager for Schneider Electric.

For Felice, it's exciting to work in such a dynamic industry. "Our customers are being faced with many fundamental changes and we have to try and anticipate their needs before they do – challenging to say the least," explains Felice.

While Felice's job is to focus on customers, Schneider Electric also focuses on its employees. "Schneider Electric genuinely cares about the well-being of its employees and goes beyond corporate words to actually offer tools to help people cope with the day to day challenges and manage their own well-being," says Felice.

And Felice's great piece of career advice? Like Akanksha, it's "network, network, network".

"This keeps you abreast of developments outside of your daily scope and encourages your own development," adds Felice.

Join talented women at Schneider Electric like Akanksha, Karen and Felice

Looking for your next challenge with a global organisation that places inclusion and diversity at the very heart of its culture? Search and apply for an exciting career at Schneider Electric.

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