DFSI recruits digital specialists to create a talent pool to be shared among other government agencies

DFSIs Pia Andrews helps launch new recruitment drive

DFSI's Pia Andrews helps launch new recruitment drive

Progressive employer, the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, is launching an initiative headed by Executive Director Pia Andrews who will recruit new digital specialists who will be shared among other government agencies.

The DFSI is looking to recruit over 30 employees with expertise in data and information management, technical, project and iteration management, as well as policy, research and design, stakeholder communication and engagement and operations. 

A shared initiative of support

Many of these new employees will join DFSI's Policy and Innovation department such as its new Policy Lab and the Digital NSW Accelerator that form vital parts of the government chief information and digital officer’s aim for a higher level of digital services. However, the key to this new recruitment initiative is flexibility, with the employee's expertise not exclusively for the DFSI but shared across other government agencies for their own digital projects. Pia's aim is recruit “enough design, dev and data people” to the DFSI so that this talent pool can support other agencies. 

“One of the questions in the application process is ‘would you like to also be considered by other departments and other business functions’,” said Pia. “And for the people that say yes it then creates an ease of recruitment for the range of skills required for digital government for a whole bunch of my colleagues across government.”

A further benefit of the DFSI's recruitment initiative is to expand Pia's own fifty-strong team while, according to Pia, “Another goal is to ensure that we don’t just have the policy and design folk, but the technical expertise, the data expertise to drive what we do across whole-of-government digital government."

Helping government agencies deliver projects

Pia explains how this method of inter-departmental collaboration and support will work. "Say you want to understand what we mean about multiple architecture, I can send you a technical person who understands that intimately,” she explains. “Want to understand how to actually improve how you publish open data? Cool, I'll send you a data plumber who understands the systems, understands the data. Want to understand how to get value from it? I can send you an analytics person. Want to understand what assisted design means in the context of platforms? I’ll send you a platforms design person So having this central pool that drives an all of government agenda, but also provides an upside down umbrella for the core mechanism for all of government is kind of where we’re trying to get to.” However, Pia emphasises that this initiative hinges on the idea of support as opposed to intervention.   

“If you can help them deliver what they’re trying to deliver anyway in a way that happens to also create an all of society benefit and horizontal capability for skills, platforms, policy and the rest, then the whole system uplifts,” Pia said. “I’ve had a number of functions within DFSI, as well as a number of other departments, very interested in the notion because we spoke to a few people before launching it, and that helped us shape the range of skills.

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NSW DFSI offers a wide selection of career paths to capable individuals and is constantly looking for employees who share their values and who are as diverse as the community they serve. Current vacancies at the NSW include:

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