Nottingham Trent University has a focus on research excellence

Nottingham Trent University has a focus on research excellence

 December 04, 2018

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Helen Shipton is a Professor of Human Resource Management at Nottingham Trent University's Business School. As well as being a Professor, she is also the co-director of the Centre for People, Work and Organisational Practice at Nottingham Trent University.

A clear vision and focus on excellence

As someone who specialises in Human Resource management and innovation, Helen recognises how truly pioneering Nottingham Trent University's Business School is.

"What we have here is an inspirational leadership team with a clear vision and a clear focus on excellent, relevant research," says Helen. "Combined with practical strategies, structures and processes, we’re able to deliver real-world impact where it matters most – on the ground in the outside world."

Thriving on an amazing collective energy

And this is a vision that is shared by everyone across the Business School and Nottingham Trent University as a whole.

"There’s an amazing collective energy, with everyone actively promoting success and empowering individuals, giving all of us the trust and freedom to flourish. This ability to both dream and do comes from our practitioner roots – which mean we’re more pragmatic and nimble than most universities," explains Helen. "Uniquely, we balance this practitioner focus with a commitment and determination to be the best researchers we can in and across our fields of excellence."

Producing work with a positive impact

Helen believes that at Nottingham Trent University's Business School, they're very much aware of the research excellence agenda.

"Together, we combine this rigorous, scholarly approach with a overarching need to produce work with the power to deliver a powerful, positive impact to people, businesses and communities alike," adds Helen.

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